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Modaco custom ROM fixes Facebook’s Ice Cream Sandwich issues

According to Nielsen, Android users spend more time in the Facebook app than just about anywhere else. So it's no wonder that early Galaxy Nexus users cried foul when Facebook's contact sync, among other things, wouldn't work in Ice Cream Sandwich. ROM wunderkind Paul "Modaco" O'Brien has updated his customized version of Ice Cream Sandwich to re-enable the missing feature, along with his already extensive list of tweaks to the basic ICS framework.

DROID RAZR gets an early Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

Independent developers are hard at work on Ice Cream Sandwich for everything from the Nexus One to the HTC Rezound. But after the hue and cry surrounding the DROID RAZR's factory-locked bootloader, I thought that Verizon customers would have to wait for an official update before they could taste some sweet Ice Cream Sandwich. At least one dev, "DroidTh3ory", has stepped outside the walled garden and installed a bootable version of Android 4.0 on the DROID RAZR, by way of a dual-boot hack.

First custom ROM for the Galaxy Nexus features EXT4 support

The type of people that gravitate towards the Nexus line aren't shy of a little ROM flashing, and they're invariably looking for that extra edge when it comes to performance. To that end, one of if not the first custom ROM for the Galaxy Nexus features a bevvy of tweaks and improvements to the stock ROM, the most notable of which is an EXT4-formatted partition, making for faster memory and storage access throughout Ice Cream Sandwich.

6-year-old HTC Universal gets Ice Cream Sandwich port

A few days ago I joked with my fellow Android Community writers that I'd like to see Ice Cream Sandwich ported to the Atari 2600, so I could use it to run an Atari 2600 emulator. That hasn't happened, but in terms of wow factor, the latest ICS port isn't that far off. The HTC Universal, the Taiwanese company's gigantic flipping QWERTY Windows Mobile megadevice from 2005, has been given a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich via (where else?) the XDA Developers forum. The port is based off of CyanogenMod 9, the ICS version of the most popular custom Android ROM.

MIUI custom ROM shows off an early Ice Cream Sandwich build

You didn't think CyanogenMod was the only ROM starting on an Ice Cream Sandwich version, did you? The MIUI team, makers of  arguably the second most popular custom ROM out there, has already begun porting their extensive set of Android customizations to run on Ice Cream Sandwich's open source code. The developers issued a special preview on their website, with a walk-through of the updated interface.

CyanogenMod for the HP TouchPad gets upgraded to Alpha 3

There's a lot of folks out there in Internet Land who picked up an HP TouchPad on the cheap just so they could eventually run Android on it. We posted a rundown of RootzWiki's Alpha 2 version of CyanogenMod 7.1 for the TouchPad, with generally favorable results - it's amazingly stable for an alpha release on hardware that doesn't officially support it. The hardworking folks at RootzWiki have released a third alpha version, fixing various bugs and performance issues.

Original Asus Eee Pad Transformer gets an early ICS port

The fancy new Transformer Prime gets all the attention at the moment, and rightly so. But if you're hanging on to your original Asus Eee Pad Transformer, or picking up a cheap one in a sweet Black Friday deal, you might want to have a look at this. The Transformer is joining the swelling ranks of phones and tablets with an early version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, made possible by the recently released open-source code.

5 things Android Community is thankful for this year

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, which means a day full of hearty food, football and beating that crazy difficult dungeon in Skyrim spending quality time with friends and family. Our team of writers and editors is taking the day off, so we figured we'd leave you with a festive bit of good cheer for your spirited consideration. (Technically we've got one UK correspondent, but we're pretty sure he takes the opportunity to skive off and laugh at the colonials every November.) So, without further ado: five things we're thankful for in the Android world, and one for which we definitely are not.