Xbox indie hit Super Meat Boy may be headed for Android soon

Imagine, if you will, a classic two-dimensional platformer of the Mega Man or Ghosts and Goblins ilk. Plenty of twitch jumping and running, and taking out humorously proportioned sprite bad guys with improbable methods of self defense. Got it? OK, now imagine that your hero character is half a pound of ground beef. That's the gist of Super Meat Boy, a flash game that gained acclaim when it was published to the Xbox Live Arcade and later desktop computers. According to remarks made by developer Team Meat (I'm sensing a theme here) their next game will probably come out on mobile devices.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion manages corporate assets on Android

RIM is having a tough time right now. They're being squeezed from the top with iOS and from the bottom (well, bottom, top, sides and everywhere else) with Android. But the BlackBerry hardware is only part of RIM's overall business, and they're making a major effort to expand even more into the corporate services space. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will allow IT managers to access and control company assets on BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices, essentially making the existing Enterprise Server cross-platform.