Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 to use new Kryo CPU cores

Qualcomm has been slowly building up the hype for its next generation system on a chip (SoC), the Snapdragon 820. It has recently announced the Adreno 530 GPU to take care of the SD820’s graphics needs, the new Hexagon 680 DSP for data processing, and the new Smart Protect feature to help fight against malware. Today, we take a look at the new generation Kryo CPU cores that will run at the heart of the SD820, which will probably launch very, very soon.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and 801 variants demystified

When it comes to hardware, reality is far more complicated than what we see in spec sheets and promotional materials. Processors in particular, even with the same brand or model, seem to have different speeds floating around. Fortunately, AnandTech dived into the nitty gritty of Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips to give us an overview of what the differences between all those variants mean.

ARM unveils Cortex-A17 CPU and Mali-T720 GPU for mid-range devices

Riding on the popularity that its ARM chip designs are currently enjoying in the mobile world, ARM Holdings has announced two new chips for chip makers to turn into reality. The Cortex-A17 processor and the Mali-T720 graphics chip will deliver the much needed and improved performance that ARM hopes will power the next generation of mid-range mobile devices.

HTC One with an 8-core processor reportedly in the works

A little rumor has surfaced this Monday afternoon regarding the folks from HTC building and releasing another One smartphone, only this one will sport an 8-core processor. We know the quad-core model is fast, and the quad-core HTC One Max will be too, but I'm sure plenty of you would be interested in an Octa-core model of the flagship smartphone.
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