T-Mobile phases out Classic Plans at third party retailers

When T-Mobile began rolling out their “UnCarrier” approach to mobile, part of that plan was unsubsidized devices. In moving their company stores away from subsidized plans, they let the third party stores continue to offer devices with contracts. WalMart, Target, Costco -- all offering subsidized devices when T-Mobile didn’t.

Galaxy Nexus Galore: Hits Costco December 15th, on sale at Newegg, more

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus news just keeps flowing in from all angles this week and we have a few to report on. First off, the Verizon 4G LTE enabled Galaxy Nexus is still on track for December 15th, or so we think. Now Costco has helped confirm that rumor and minor detail with an ad spot confirming it will be on sale from December 15th to the 20th for just $289, according to Engadget. That isn't all the Nexi news either so stay tuned for more details.

Costco prices the Galaxy Nexus at $290, no, you still can’t buy one

More than a few of you probably have at least $299.99 in your wallet at the moment, saved against the day when the seven trumpets sound, the moon turns blood red and Verizon finally decides to release the Galaxy Nexus in the US. If you live near a Costco you can save a few bucks when it actually arrives; PhoneArena reports that the retail chain is preparing the phone for a debut at $289.99, exactly ten dollars less than the rumored Verizon price. Naturally you'll still need to sign or renew a two-year contract.

Galaxy Nexus shows up in Costco database for $289, no date in sight

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus still doesn't have an official date or price from Verizon Wireless, to the consternation of impatient Android fans everywhere. But between the latest news out of Costco and various other leaks, it looks like we can be pretty sure of the general price. A look into Costco's internal database shows the Galaxy Nexus at a price of $289.99, with zero current stock and no release date in sight. That lines up closely with the $299 leak out of Verizon itself.

Motorola Atrix 2 available next week at Costco

We haven't heard a lot about this device lately but Motorola is all set to roll out and ship their new smartphone for AT&T, the Motorola Atrix 2. It has leaked a few times over the past few weeks but we never saw much of it until just recently. Then at CTIA this week Motorola announced it will be for sale starting October 16th. As usual Costco has a few different things in mind and will most likely be undercutting AT&T with a better price, and bundled accessories, so you might want to hold off until we see what they have in store for the Atrix 2.

PSA: Motorola DROID Bionic $279 Costco bundle deal is live, ends tomorrow

Just a little public service announcement for all the DROID Bionic buyers out there. That Bionic Costco bundle deal we mentioned a few weeks ago is legit and currently available right now. Yup, you get the Droid Bionic as well as the desktop dock, car navigation dock, car charger, and portable charger with a spare battery all for just $279 -- that is $20 less than Verizon is asking for just the phone.
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