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Verizon upgrade fee isn’t as bad as it sounds

There is a lot of chatter and angry readers this afternoon regarding the news that Verizon will start charging a $30 upgrade fee for those looking to upgrade their smartphone. While I'm not a fan of the fee and don't like it one bit myself, it isn't as bad as it sounds and won't be going away either. I'll tell you why below.

Verizon plans $30 upgrade fee for existing customers

Planning on buying a new Verizon phone after April 22nd? Then plan to spend a little more money: Verizon announced that they're adding a $30 "upgrade fee" for existing customers who want to get a new phone and renew their two-year contract. The fee will be enacted on all returning customers in two weeks, though you apparently won't have to pay it... if you pony up for an unsubsidized phone. For several hundred dollars more, on phones that are already considerably more expensive than their counterparts on other networks. Hooray.

Verizon Wireless axes $2 convenience fee — that was fast

I've tried not to use this word too many times but for this one we can say #winning. This is a score for all of us -- the good guys. After Verizon announced they'd start charging a ridiculous $2.00 fee as a "convenience fee" for customers paying their bill online and a few various other methods there was a huge backlash and plenty of bad PR that surrounded it. It appears that Verizon has listened because today they've already axed that plan.

Verizon may charge a $2.00 convenience fee to pay your bill

Big corporations try their best to make it easy on themselves to operate while still offering services at affordable prices to consumers - except Verizon. Sure, $2.00 isn't much to tack on at the end of a bill, but it does add up when paying for Verizon's 'not-so-cheap' 4G plans. And when consumers build their plans, they construct them to be as cost-efficient as possible. That's why it's hard to just let this one go.