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HTC One V launching in late April on UK networks

The One X and One S get all the headlines, but let's not forget about the junior member of HTC's new family, the One V. The "budget" phone has yet to see a subsidized release alongside its more expensive brothers in the UK, but a new listing at Carphone Warehouse indicates that the One V will be available starting the week of April 23rd. The online retailer is selling the phone on-contract for O2, Vodafone and Orange, with on-contract tariffs starting as low as £20.50. At present there's no price for an unlocked phone, but elsewhere it's going for about £200 before taxes.

Verizon plans $30 upgrade fee for existing customers

Planning on buying a new Verizon phone after April 22nd? Then plan to spend a little more money: Verizon announced that they're adding a $30 "upgrade fee" for existing customers who want to get a new phone and renew their two-year contract. The fee will be enacted on all returning customers in two weeks, though you apparently won't have to pay it... if you pony up for an unsubsidized phone. For several hundred dollars more, on phones that are already considerably more expensive than their counterparts on other networks. Hooray.

Motorola DROID RAZR costs $649 off-contract

Eager to get your hands on the DROID RAZR's sexy hardware without tying yourself down with a two-year contract? Nobody said being a free spirit was cheap: the phone will cost $649.99 from Verizon without a new contract or renewal. The news was broken by Droid-Life, who got a look at the DROID RAZR's listing in Verizon's internal device database. All things considered, that's about what we expected for the DROID RAZR. Over in the UK they'll be paying £454.80, or about $716 USD. It's still pretty darn expensive for a smartphone, but not stupendously so, when you consider that the cheapest iPhone 4S is the same price while offering a whole lot less in the hardware department. Kevlar beats glass, in case anyone was wondering. A qHD Super AMOLED screen, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 4G LTE data speeds and a 7.7mm frame should make this a hard decision, even with the equally impressive Galaxy Nexus coming soon. The DROID RAZR's introductory price for those of us that toil under contractual obligation is $299.99, and pre-orders begin tomorrow, October 27th. The phone itself will ship "no later than" November 10th. The phone will sell internationally as the "Motorola RAZR", and in most major markets should be available around the same time. So what do you think - too expensive, a bargain or right on the money? Check out our hands-on of the Motorola DROID RAZR: Motorola DROID RAZR hands-on: [vms 9b2541ff53db39f407a9] [device id=1739]

T-Mobile and Walmart offering $30 no contract unlimited 4G plan

Today T-Mobile and Walmart have unveiled a new partnership to offer a pretty great deal for those looking for cheap and reliable 4G service. Announced today and starting come October 16th, users will be able to get into their new $30 unlimited web and text monthly 4G prepaid service plan.

HTC Thunderbolt on sale for $99 at Verizon for Valued Customers

From what we are seeing from our friends over at Droid-Life the HTC Thunderbolt and a few other phones at Verizon Wireless are on sale now until June 12th. It looks like Verizon is holding a private sale on many devices for what they are calling "Loyal Customers". This may mean long time subscribers, or multi-line customers but apparently certain people have received emails and texts regarding this sale.

HTC Intruder Heading To AT&T? (Rumor)

First it was the Aria then the Liberty now the Intruder could be making its way to AT&T.  Are these 3 HTC devices the same? Nobody knows at this point, AT&T could be on an all out Android assault now that they are done with the iPhone presentation.

HTC selling HTC EVO 4G for $199.99, $299.99 and $549.99?

HTC has just opened an HTC EVO 4G order site. You can purchase you EVO directly from HTC and there are 3 different price rates to choose from. If you’re a new customer and would like to sign up for the lowest upfront cost, you can order the EVO with a new 2 year agreement for $199. If you’re a current customer and would like to extend your contract you can have it for $299. And the best offer out of the three is to buy it outright, for $549 this can be yours with no contract.

T-Mobile Garminfone Coming June 2nd?

The only thing left now is confirmation from T-Mobile but this phone is pretty much a lock for a June 2nd release. If you’ve heard that date before it’s because the myTouch 3G Slide will be releasing on the same day. Engadget received this leaked screenshot of the Android powered Garmiphone. This screen not only outs the pricing for this handset but also the release date.