Cool Verizon spot races onto TVs

If you're an Indy racing fan, Verizon has a cool new service that will help you keep up on your favorite racing team ... Team Verizon! The spot is for the Indy Car Mobile app, which follows the IZOD Indy Car Series. With the app, users can listen to in car audio, keep track of races with leader boards, highlights, and even special tweets from the drivers (I hope while not racing!). Upcoming features to include live in-car camera for Verizon sponsored drivers, press conference streaming and Indy Car Nation exclusive content. According to the YouTube page, the app currently follows Indy racers Will Power, Helio Castroneves & Ryan Briscoe.

Samsung Continuum-specific Reboot/Recovery Hack

It appears that the odd phone extraordinare, aka the Samsung Continuum, is finally starting to see some hack press. This is the phone yours truly has been using as a sort of mid-tier test-all device for the past couple months, so you know we're pumped up about this one. The following is a flashable app that turns your Continuum's power button into an options master, allowing you new options including Reboot and Recovery when its long-held down. Before all you could do was silence, airplane, or shut it down.

Samsung Continuum Receives Verizon Software Update

Today Verizon is pushing an over the air update to owners of the Samsung Continuum (you know the one, two screens, looks like a long wafer cookie,) which, amongst other things, will install V CAST Apps to the phone. We've been reminded specifically that V CAST Apps allows carrier billing, so customers purchasing applications through this Verizon store will will see those charges on their monthly bill. For a full list of changes, check the list below.

Samsung Continuum’s Source Code Released by Samsung

Are you interested in creating some custom ROMs for the Samsung Continuum, which recently launched on Verizon? It may have been pretty tricky to get the job done up until now, but thankfully Samsung doesn't waste any time in releasing their source codes for devices. This time around, Samsung has just released the code for the Continuum.

SlashGear unboxes the Samsung Continuum

The Samsung Continuum has been quite the focus of the internet before it's launch, and we have now gotten our time with the famed double touchscreen device. Boasting a 3.4-inch Super AMOLED as the prime display and a 1.8-inch "ticker" display this phone is certainly not just another Android device.

Samsung Continuum Hands-On

So, Samsung's event this evening wasn't everything that some people out there may have wanted, but at least we definitely know the Continuum is coming, and now we've got some hands-on time with the device. There's nothing here that we haven't heard before: it's still featuring the 1GHz processor under the hood, and you'll still get that interesting Ticker 1.8-inch display underneath the main one, where all your notifications will be proudly displayed.

Samsung Continuum User guide now available online

Everyone is expecting the official announcement of the Samsung Continuum tonight at their media event "unveiling of a new Android device." But it seems they will not let us know anything that we don't already know. The Samsung Continuum has been a highly publicized device before it's release, and now continuing with the trend of openness, the user guide is available to view on Verizon's website.