Android Community’s Gigantic XOOM Contest!

What's that? You're completely unaware that Android Community is giving away not one, not two, but THREE Motorola XOOM tablets? That's right, our pals at NVIDIA have busted open their generosity boxes and worked with us to give away three XOOM tablets here on Android Community and two more over on our sister site SlashGear. The entry rules are magnificently simple, two or three clicks and you're in - everyone has an equal chance at winning - what are you waiting for?!

Reminder: We’ve got a XOOM Giveaway Going on!

What the heck, you didn't know we had a Motorola XOOM giveaway going on? You've gotta get in on this! We've got three whole wifi-only XOOM tablets here for you to win, and we've got some entry rules so simple that a dog could do it! On the other hand, only humans are eligible, so no dogs, please. Take a peek below at the rules on how to enter, then DO IT!

WIN a XOOM in Android Community’s Gigantic Tablet Giveaway!

It's the day you've been waiting for, the day where we give you one of THREE Motorola XOOM tablets we've got stowed away, courtesy of our awesome friends at NVIDIA! Of course, as you know, the Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb-laden 10.1-inch tablet is powered by NVIDIA's always excellent Tegra 2 dual-core processor, and the ones we've got for you here at the wifi-only versions. That means no data plan for you, just a free and clear powerhouse of an Android tablet! We're going to use this opportunity to get everyone in the community hooked up with our recently born AC Facebook page, too - wins for everyone!

Android Community Google Cr-48 Giveaway REMINDER

Incase you're unaware, we're running a contest to give away five Google Chrome OS Cr-48 notebooks and you're invited to win! These notebooks aren't going to hit the market until the middle of next year so this is your only way to grab a notebook for your own right this minute (other than the pilot testing program, of course.) But you just want one to chill and rock on, yes? Two Android Community members (and THREE over at SlashGear) are going to be able to win, the first drawing to be done on Friday December 17 at midnight PST!

Terrifying People-Face Fingers Play with Samsung Galaxy Tab in New Ad [Video]

Samsung Mobile USA posted a video today created by a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, an advertisement submitted to a contest they're holding over at Zooppa, a site centered around "people-powered brand energy." The ad spot features a view from inside or through the Samsung Galaxy Tab looking at images showing up on the screen as they're navigated through by single human fingers with their master's face on them. Again, very wild and borderline frightening!

Vaja Google Nexus One leather case Winners Has Been Announced

These are some exciting times here at AndroidCommunity. Our top dog Vincent(CoFounder) of AndroidCommunity made an announcement at the beginning of the moth that he would be giving away a few Vaja Google Nexus One leather cases. Ever since then we all have been stalking the thread day and night hoping that our name will be pulled out the proverbial hat. Well it finally happened last night.