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Nest app updated for thermostat control, intros Nest Cam and Nest Protect

If you haven’t heard of Nest yet, they’re making the bid to be an essential part of your home’s technology and safety – deep into the realms of the “internet of things” argument. Nest is all about being able to wirelessly control the safety features of your house, direct from an app, directly from your mobile device, through the cloud. We've been hearing about this for a while now, but the time is now here -- the Nest app has now been updated, and Nest is also intro-ing some sweet new elements and products.

Samsung to unveil new smart home products at IFA 2014

IFA 2014 is set to kick off very soon and ahead of the official start of the show, Samsung has announced that it will be rolling out new smart home products. Samsung says that the new smart home products will include services and products that will increase home safety, improve energy management, adapt to in-home locations, and can be operated using voice control.