The Smart Boy is the Nintendo smartphone we all deserve

We have long conceded that Japanese gaming giant Nintendo is not likely to get into the smartphone business. Heck, maybe even the company itself has conceded that their hardware business just isn't up to par – judging from the lack of effort to update the Wii and Nintendo DS mobile platforms. But we begin to think what could be, with this -- when asked to concoct a concept based on a classic gadget that could have a life as a smartphone, Bangkok-based designer Pierre Cerveau came up with this beauty: the Nintendo Smart Boy.

The future of holographic display has arrived with Holus

The future is here. These are the first words that came to my mind when I saw the Holus concept. Star Wars fans will be delighted that this could be the holoprojector they've been dreaming about. I like the idea of the holograms on Iron Man more but I never really imagined we'd see such in our lifetime. Sure, display and projector technologies are rapidly evolving and this perhaps is one of the most interactive yet. It's something that's really "achievable".

OpenEars lets you record, share 3D video via live streaming

If you think geeks are running out of ways to innovate in-ear headphones, you're wrong. There are more ways to update the headphones and one Kickstarter project was started to prove that we can do more with them. OpenEars by Binauric SE is the first pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones that allows you to record videos with 3D audio to share and stream. The great quality of sound is promised, as well as, reliable GoPro connection and HearThrough mode.

Moky is World’s First Invisible Touchpad Keyboard

The keyboard has seen a lot of innovations. It's an essential part of a computer or mobile device because it allows one to input characters and symbols that execute commands. Physical QWERTY keyboards are still the standard in desktop computers and laptops but for smartphones and tablets, touchscreen keyboards rule. But in the near future, we might use invisible or virtual keyboards. Let's not forget the touchpad that is slowly replacing the poor old mouse.

SmartMirror project to show Android Wear notifications

Nick Nothom may still be studying software development and computer science but he already knows how to "make stuff". This Minnesota State University student recently showed us what you can do with a smartwatch. With the use of AutoWear, he was able to make notifications show on a mirror. At first, he simply wanted to be notified if his Moto 360 is charged but he thought he could also add messages, weather, calendar, and other information because why not.
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