Google confirms Project Glass will play nice with prescription eyewear

Today Google is at it again giving us more details and another look at Project Glass. They've been rather open and sharing more details on the new technology than we had expected, and today Google is clearing up the prescription lenses issue once and for all. We've heard Google Glass won't work with prescription eyewear, and we've also heard it will. Today Google confirmed with a photo it will indeed support those too.

Android 4.0 gets baked into Raspberry Pi

If you're a big fan of the small Android-powered Raspberry Pi computer, you'll be tickled to death to hear the latest news. This tiny little credit card sized computing device originally launched running an optimized version of Android 2.3. Android fans like to have the latest version of the operating system to play with. Some people were probably a bit put off that little computing device was running an old version of the operating system.

Google stacking up patents to protect Project Glass

Today Google's Project Glass is in the news yet again. After earlier we reported on CEO Larry Page wearing them during a conference today, we are now seeing loads of news that Google's protecting their latest creation with a wide array of patents. Since we all know Google didn't patent much with Android, they look to have learned their lesson and have been granted at least 9 new patents around Google Glass.

Android now supported on VIA embedded x86 mainboards

VIA has announced something cool that will be perfect for developers and other users that want to work up an Android OS computer for digital signage, in-car entertainment or other needs. VIA has announced that its embedded x86 mainboards now support Android. The first of its boards to get Android support is the little EITX-3002.
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