Crazy LG G Pad ad: tablets are dangerous

Trying to prove that its rival isn't the only one with a funny bone, LG has released a video ad that tries to sell its new G Pad series. But like many ads, it's all fluff, funny fluff mind you, that practically has nothing to do with LG's tablets until the very last parts of the clip.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 commercials begin streaming

The Samsung GALAXY S 4 launch is quickly approaching. We have seen some pre-order details from US Cellular and have also gotten a pre-order date and some pricing from AT&T. Alternatively, several carriers also seem to be dropping the price of the Galaxy S III ahead of the GALAXY S 4 launch. The Galaxy S III price drops have been spotted with AT&T and Verizon Wireless. More to the point for today though, it looks like Samsung has begun airing some television commercials.

Samsung Galaxy S II gets first commercial

A cute commercial advertising the realistic display of the Samsung Galaxy S II has appeared on youtube. The video shows a cute little girl trying to reach for a fish swimming in the Galaxy S II's live video background so she can put it back into the fishbowl. After a few tries, she gives up and does what most kids would do, she puts the Galaxy S II into the fishbowl! The tag line reads ... "Too Realistic?"

Xperia Arc used to remotely drive a car

Remember the scene in Tomorrow Never Dies where James Bond is being chased by the bad guys and he drives his rental car remotely from the back seat with his cellphone? Great idea, great scene, completely ridiculous ... or is it? Well, Sony wanted to see just how responsive the Exmor sensors and the Bravia Engine displays of the Xperia Arc smartphones. So, they used them to drive a car with no other means of seeing outside. The result is a rather wild video.

New Xperia Ads brings gaming to life

Sony-Ericsson has released a pair of games which showcases the anytime game playing ability of the Xperia Play. In the videos, the central character is waiting at a bus stop and a restaurant, and having time to kill, he whips out his Xperia Play. Suddenly, a rather sweet looking Mustang 351 comes flying down the street, sending pedestrians running for their lives. And it looks like our hero is controlling it with his Play controls. Then, the car loses control and crashes into a brick wall. He winces, and takes a call. The commercial ends with the `Stang flying over the bus. Then there's the second ...
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