Google’s new Nexus 7 TV Ad is all about family

Google's been busy lately showing off their new and impressive Nexus 7 tablet. First with nice little heartfelt commercial showing a father and son camping and reading with the tablet, and today they've done it again. Google's latest Nexus 7 commercial will hit close to home and is full of family entertainment.

Samsung drops two new TV ad spots, shows how awesome the Galaxy S III is

Samsung is about to unleash their new and improved Galaxy S III flagship smartphone to the US. It will be available starting tomorrow on AT&T, T-Mobile and more (although demand is causing delays) and now they are starting their big TV commercial push. We can expect to see plenty of advertising for the new phone, and the past two days we've seen two awesome ones appear so lets take a look.

T-Mobile’s Bad Girl Carly shows off the One S in new videos

In case you missed it, T-Mobile has dropped the "Nice Girl" look of their Carly commercials in cute Magenta dresses and instead are going with sexy black leather. I love the move and we now have two new videos from T-Mobile. Both of these new campaigns are showing off their impressive HTC One S, and even takes some direct shots at AT&T and the iPhone.

Samsung’s first Galaxy S III commercial: watch it here

The official presentation is over, and soon thousands of tech bloggers will flee London in the wake of Samsung's Galaxy S III event. But this is just the beginning of Samsung's marketing campaign for their next flagship - and the next step is to let all the non-nerds know how great their baby is. To that end, they've already prepared a TV spot. Samsung debuted the commercial on stage, but you can watch it yourself below.

T-Mobile’s Carly wears black leather in brand makeover [Video]

You've probably seen some reports that T-Mobile is set to make some changes in the second half of 2012 now that their attempts to merge with AT&T have failed. In case you've missed it, they will be starting with their highly recognizable and always attractive Carly Foulkes. She's dropping the cute act in favor of tight black leather (yes please) and a 1000cc Ducati Superbike and we have the full video below.

Draw Something better with the Galaxy Note’s screen and S-Pen

We love the Samsung Galaxy Note. Pachyderms named Peter love the Galaxy Note. At last count, about five million of you out there in Internet land love it too. But if you've become as enamored as I have with OMGPOP's Draw Something over the last few weeks, you've got at least one more reason to either love or crave the gigantic smartphone: its superior artistic capabilities. As noted in our previous story, it makes a great platform for the Pictionary-style gaming app, thanks to its 5.3-inch screen and built-in digital stylus.

HTC One X takes a skydive to show off camera

When business types instruct their marketing team to "go the extra mile", they're usually figuratively referring to a lateral mile - not a 2-mile vertical freefall. But in HTC's case, the latter is more appropriate: to demonstrate the fidelity and speed of the 8-megapixel f/2.0 camera on the HTC One X (which we noted ourselves in the review), they set up a skydiving fashion shoot, complete with photographer, model and lighting crew. The results are interesting to say the least. Here's the setup: student fashion photographer and skydiving rookie Nick Jojola was instructed to capture a photo (while taking video) of model and expert skydiver Roberta Mancino with the HTC One X. He's joined by a safety diver (the guy who's tethered to him) two divers streaming smoke and two with a pair of high-powered lights. Roberta is wearing a high-fashion skydiving suit created especially for the shoot - that's the thing that looks like a buzzard after it's gone though a Cessna windshield. The team had only 50 seconds of operating time before they had to deploy their parachutes. They arranged themselves in a formation of three vertical rows: the two streamers on the bottom, Nick and his safety diver in the middle with the HTC One X, and the lighting team and Roberta on top. When Nick was in position Roberta assumed a head-first position and dived for the shot. It took two goes, but the results speak for themselves: [youtube dwGGdM3Nj08] Publicity stunt? Certainly. Cool? Absolutely. While you're not likely to need split-second shutter speed in your everyday travels (most of which are somewhat closer to sea level) the shoot illustrates the fast response of the One series camera rather well. HTC hasn't posted the full commercial yet, but it'll probably be showing up on European TV sets in the next few weeks. Here's a making-of just for fun: [youtube QHLy4xB8vSY] [timeline] [device id=2325] [via Phandroid]

HTC tells us the “One” series can make all the difference

So far for 2012 the HTC One series of smartphones looks to be near the top of most peoples purchase list, that or the Galaxy S III of course. With the One series starting to finally break cover this week, and being available as soon as Monday around the world it's about to make a big entrance. We loved it at MWC and surely will love it once it's available in the US. Today HTC has released a nice ad spot, but it doesn't show the phone much.
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