Google drops first new Nexus 7 promo video

Fresh off the earlier announcement, Google has dropped the first of the new Nexus 7 promo videos. This one has been posted on the 'googlenexus' YouTube channel and measures in at just shy of 1 minute and 30 seconds. Perhaps the more important aspect here is how the video doesn't dive all that deep into the specs and instead focuses on a real-world use case.

GALAXY S 4 ‘Quick Snooze’ TV ad highlights more neat features

Earlier this week Samsung released another commercial in their ongoing attack of GALAXY S 4 TV ad spots, highlighting many key features of their new flagship smartphone. Today they've released yet another that continues the trend of showing impressive features, while also being pretty cute and touching too. With a father holding his baby and falling asleep, check out their 'Quick Snooze' ad below.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 advert shows the company’s cute side

Samsung surely isn't showing any signs of slowing down with their advertising campaigns. In fact, they're only going to increase now that all major US carriers and more are offering their latest flagship GALAXY S 4 smartphone. Instead of poking fun at the iPhone we're seeing Samsung's sensitive side in this latest ad spot. Check it out after the break.

GALAXY S 4 under attack in latest Windows Phone commercial

Sigh. I don't even know where to start with this one. The folks over at Microsoft have a new commercial that's making the rounds where they've put the flagship and top-tier Samsung GALAXY S 4 against the Nokia Lumia 521. Yes the budget friendly 521 and it's 1 GHz dual-core processor and low price is being compared to the king of all Android phones. It's pretty comical so take a peek below.

HTC One TV ads trash the competition, touts Blinkfeed features

If you've seen or used the HTC One you'd probably agree with us that the smartphone is pretty impressive. Today HTC has just released a new TV ad spot that trashes on the competition, and throws dirt all over their weak features. With HTC touting their Blinkfeed news front and center, these ads show why their smartphone is better than the rest.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 commercials begin streaming

The Samsung GALAXY S 4 launch is quickly approaching. We have seen some pre-order details from US Cellular and have also gotten a pre-order date and some pricing from AT&T. Alternatively, several carriers also seem to be dropping the price of the Galaxy S III ahead of the GALAXY S 4 launch. The Galaxy S III price drops have been spotted with AT&T and Verizon Wireless. More to the point for today though, it looks like Samsung has begun airing some television commercials.

Google Now highlighted in latest Nexus 4 commercial

For those watching the Grammy Awards this weekend, or happened to be trolling Google's Twitter account you may have seen the companies latest TV commercial. While Google doesn't put ad spots on TV much this weekend they aired their brand new Nexus 4 commercial and shared it with the world. Most of the focus however, was with their impressive Google Now feature.

Samsung shares extended four minute Super Bowl ‘Next Big Thing’ ad spot

It was a tough game full of emotions and a pretty impressive comeback from the 9ers, but in the end the Baltimore Ravens are taking home the trophy. I don't know about you guys, but I think we saw more CBS promotions than actual commercials, but at least Samsung had one worth watching. Well theirs and the amazing GoDaddy clip. Today Samsung's posted an extended 4:41 second clip of their expensive Super Bowl commercial so lets take a look.
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