Xfinity Share app lets you livestream on to your TV

There may be livestreaming apps like Periscope (still not on Android) and Meerkat (now on Android beta) now available to showcase live events, but what if you just wanted a select group of people to be able to view this live video? If you're a Comcast subscriber, there is now an app that will let you do so, for your loved ones to be able to see what's going on at a birthday party, a family dinner, even a wedding, even when they're far away.

Comcast may be teaming up with Verizon for VoIP service

A new report suggests Comcast may be involving themselves in the mobile carrier game. The cable company, lamented by many for their ongoing attempt to purchase Time Warner Cable, may be working on VoIP service on the back of their wireless offerings for the home. While the service is said to be dependent on WiFi, Comcast may have other plans for the service as well.