Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch tipped to arrive late Sept in 5 colors

The details surrounding Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch are coming in at a steady pace these days, and we only have a few more weeks before the company unveils it. Set to be announced on September 4th alongside the Galaxy Note III, the Galaxy Gear will be Samsung's first Android smartwatch. Today we've learned about 5 color variations, and more details on the release date.

Color Blindness Test by EnChroma arrives on Android

Today we learned about a neat new app and tool that has arrived on the Google Play Store for Android. It's called the Color Blindness Test and is developed by a company EnChroma. Now we've seen a few of these in the past but what makes EnChroma different is their app has been scientifically proven and validated to accurately test for color blindness. The first app on the Play Store to have that claim. More people mix up their colors than you think, so check it out below.

Samsung unveils pink Galaxy S III, coming to Korea

We all love to add a little personality to our smartphones, whether it's through a special case or just the color of the phone itself. If pink just so happens to be your favorite color (I know it's my favorite color), you'll be happy to know that Samsung unveiled a pink-colored Galaxy S III. An intimidating phone never looked so weak.

Samsung announces four new colors for the Galaxy S III

The folks at Samsung have finally announced four new color options for their impressive flagship Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. We've been hearing rumors about this for months, and even showed a few leaked renders that were completely off base. Today they've unveiled four colors including a pretty terrible looking Amber Brown option. Check em out below.

Samsung Galaxy S III black color option coming soon

This week the folks at Samsung have caused a little disturbance for those who don't like the current color options for the Galaxy S III smartphone. For some unknown reason Samsung decided against the traditional black color, and only have a Marble White, Pebble Blue, and Garnet Red flavor. However Samsung's Facebook showed off a black model, and now retails could be confirming the news.

Samsung hints at new Galaxy S III color options coming soon

If you are like the many who are starting to get sick of the usual black or white colored bricks we call smartphones these days, Samsung has you covered. With their new flagship Galaxy S III they released an impressive pebble blue color option, and AT&T has even started accepting pre-orders for a garnet red color variant. We are now hearing Samsung has multiple other flavors coming soon.

Motorola DROID RAZR coming in blue soon

If sober black, flashy white and flamboyant purple aren't enough for you, then perhaps something a little more conservative will convince you to buy a new Motorola DROID RAZR. Yet another hue was spotted in a Verizon internal website, indicating that the blue version of the phone would be coming out on May 18th for $149.99, on contract of course. That'll make the DROID RAZR the most color-varied smartphone out there at the moment.
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