Google Play Store 4 inverted back to Black color theme [Download]

Yesterday our good friends at Google released a new and totally improved Google Play Store with a completely new design. This is a big change from the previous version and they've introduced larger HD images and app artwork, and a card style layout that's easier to navigate. However, the new version went back to the old school white color theme with green everywhere of old. If you want the Play Store back to black, we have you covered.

HTC One will also be available in Red

Yesterday after all the waiting and teaser clips the folks from HTC finally unveiled and showed the world their new flagship smartphone. The HTC One looks pretty impressive but their event only had two color options available. Silver and black. Now it appears that a at least one other color will be offered, even though it doesn't appear to be coming to the US anytime soon.

Samsung announces four new colors for the Galaxy S III

The folks at Samsung have finally announced four new color options for their impressive flagship Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. We've been hearing rumors about this for months, and even showed a few leaked renders that were completely off base. Today they've unveiled four colors including a pretty terrible looking Amber Brown option. Check em out below.
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