Verizon HTC One in Vivid Blue confirmed, coming soon

Well, here's a little twist to the recent news surrounding the HTC One. After multiple tips mentioned a blue version of their beautiful anodized aluminum smartphone was coming soon to Verizon, the company announced the "Vivid Blue" model this week. However, we quickly learned it would be a Carphone Warehouse exclusive. Now though, pics of the blue model for Verizon have surfaced in a few Best Buy shops.

HTC One and Mini in Vivid Blue announced, coming in Q4

The leaked pictures and rumors surrounding a blue version of HTC's popular One smartphone haven't let up. We've seen countless leaks of the hardware, but nothing has been made official, until this evening. HTC has just announced the brand new and stunning looking Vivid Blue HTC One, and along with it comes an HTC One Mini with the same great color.

HTC One in Blue tipped for Sept 10th release, but not on Verizon

Lately there seems to be a lot of excitement around a device that's already a few months old. That being the HTC One. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent device I use daily, but the Blue model possibly headed to Verizon has a lot of folks excited. We've seen it in the wild a few times already, and know a blue model is coming, but the recent rumors of Verizon getting it sadly might be wrong.

HTC One in Red finally available in the UK

After a few months of waiting, last month the folks from HTC finally announced the Glamour Red HTC One would be hitting shelves and available to all. It was first spotted online the day they announced the HTC One, but it was never heard from again. Now however, those in the UK can get this impressive aluminum wrapped flagship smartphone in a brilliant red color variation. Check it out below.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4 in Aurora Red out now

Only just recently we discussed how Samsung was looking into switching it up color-wise for their Galaxy S 4 Line, and now AT&T has come in with their brand new "Aurora Red" paintcode. Spicing up (most literally) the S 4, this vibrant red is only available to AT&T customers on a two year agreement for $199, or can be picked up on its own, off contract, for $639.99.

HTC One in Blue and Red launching in the coming months

The HTC One is one of the most popular smartphones on the planet right now, and is available in silver or black for those interested. In the coming months however, along side the already leaked red model we're now hearing HTC will also be launching a blue HTC One. Samsung recently announced new colors for their GALAXY S 4, so this could be HTC's answer.

LG Nexus 4 in white hands-on and unboxing

After countless leaks and speculation the folks from Google and LG finally made the white LG Nexus 4 official. It's the same Nexus we know and love, with a nice new paint job. After plenty of talk at Google I/O about a white model with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean getting announced we were excited, but it's still just on 4.2.2, for now at least. Read on for more details and a quick unboxing with Google's other baby. That being Google Glass.
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