Samsung Mobile hires Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik

Looks like Google wasn't the only one getting a huge acquisition today. While they were off buying Motorola Mobility today Samsung was busy hiring yours truly -- Steve Kondik (aka Cyanogen himself). This news is almost just as big as this mornings news and the first thing that came to my mind was a Galaxy S III CM Edition, I want one and I want it now!

LG Optimus 3D Shown with CyanogenMod 7 Looking Good [Video]

Today we have a video teasing some beautiful CyanogenMod 7 running on the LG Optimus 3D (aka LG Thrill 4G). It might not be available for the AT&T version right away but most likely both will have CM7 builds very shortly. We knew CM7 was coming to the 3D powered phone but now we have a video showing its speed.

Samsung Galaxy S II Finally Receives CyanogenMod

Who wants some Bacon! The Samsung Galaxy S II now has CyanogenMod 7. The first nightly has finally hit the download mirrors and is available now. Back in June Samsung sent a few lucky developers of CM the super phone Galaxy S II and basically invited them to hack it up and get CM7 running on it. The team did just that and as a result we all benefit.

Motorola Droid X Finally gets CyanogenMod 7

Well guys, it's finally here. You can now happily get some of that amazingly tasty Android 2.3 Gingerbread and CyanogenMod 7 on the Droid X thanks to the work of none other than the amazing group of developers we have in this Android world. The main man behind this is @cvpcs and you can follow him on Twitter for news and updates as things progress. Obviously this is a BETA and is still a work in progress but this is exciting news and a big step against Motorola's bootloader issues.

LG Optimus 2x (aka T-Mo G2x) gets clockwork recovery already

Well well, it looks like the amazing Paul O'Brien from ModaCo has been busy with the new dual core device from LG. He has already done plenty on this phone but recently he has announced and shown pictures for a few exciting things. One being that Paul himself said the phone is a developer dream device. It is not locked down, and messed up like phones have been lately from both Motorola, and HTC. It is open, and free just like it should be and as Android was intended.

ADW Launcher on CM7 Development Playground to test new features

Like we have mentioned a time or two here, the developers over at XDA are always making changes and improving things for our beloved Android phones. Today we have an exciting and simple add-on that makes the ADW Launcher (stock in CM7) even better. It is a development playground that is testing new features to see if they are popular enough to integrate into CM7.
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