Cyanogen details progress of CM9 — more device support coming soon

Today our favorite Android developer Steve "cyanogen" Kondik has just updated everyone with a few details and essentially a progress report of their popular CyanogenMod 9 project. While most of us are currently running Android 2.3 Gingerbread with CM7, many are patiently awaiting CM9 to officially land for their devices. Today Cyanogen himself had a few details to share with everyone on their official blog.

DROID Bionic CyanogenMod 7 dual boot [Video]

Right after it was released and well over a month ago we got our first look at CM7 on the DROID Bionic, but today we have another video to tease all of you Bionic owners with. This shows it actually dual booting into CM7, and I want it already. Apparently the developer hashcode was able to get CM7 booting on the DROID3 and the same little trick is working just great for the new DROID Bionic, check out the video below.

Sony Ericsson supports developers, teams up with CyanogenMod

Earlier this week we briefly mentioned the highly popular CyanogenMod 7 would be coming to a wide array of Sony Ericsson smartphones thanks to a group effort by the devs of Cyanogen and FreeXperia, today we have now learned we have one more to thank for the continued support -- Sony Ericsson. They've teamed with CM and FreeXperia and we have the details below.

CyanogenMod and FreeXperia team up to offer CM7 on 10 Sony Ericsson devices

Back in August we first heard a few minor details that the members of CyanogenMod were planning to support more device, especially a wide array of Sony Ericsson smartphones. Yesterday Cyanogen himself (Steve Kondik) confirmed support for 10 new SE phones over on Google+. With a joint effort by the CM team and the group known as FreeXperia we can expect to see CM7 and future releases support many Sony Ericsson and Xperia play devices moving forward.

HTC Sensation 4G CyanogenMod nightly builds coming shortly

I've been seeing a bit of comments as of late from many different places regarding the HTC Sensation and its CyanogenMod 7 status. Today I figured I'd give you all a small update to let you all know that it is coming, and soon. While technically I don't know this for sure, the main man behind CM7 on the Sensation is Keyan Mobli (aka kmobs) and he's been updating us occasionally on Google+ and the past few days we've received good news.
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