OfficeDrop app lets users scan docs to the cloud

If you are an on the go pro that needs to keep track of anything from receipts to business cards a new app is available that will upload whatever you need to track and save to the cloud. The app will also be a great way to upload things for students and anyone else that you want to save. The app is called OfficeDrop and it is sort of like a cloud-based filing cabinet. All the user needs to do to scan and upload something is snap a photo of it with the camera.

Hands-On with Hasbro’s Nexus S Powered Robots at Google I/O

Our team was lucky enough to stumble into some cute little robots while roaming around at Google I/O today. What we have here is a little hands-on video of Hasbro's Robot Toys that are being powered by a Google Nexus S. These robots are walking around at will, no talking yet though. Hasbro and Google have been working hard to get these little guys working together so we got a little hands-on time until one has a little "accident".

Wuala takes Android safely to the cloud

Android users looking for a safe and secure cloud storage option may want to check out Wuala. This online storage service uses an encryption method where the files on your Android handset are encrypted. Then when users upload them to the cloud, not even Wuala knows what they are. Users can also use Wuala to sync across multiple platforms and computers, so files are up to date everywhere.

CloudTalk Social Network launching for Android

There's a new player in the social networking game and it promises to give a voice that 800 lb. Gorillas like Facebook and Twitter can't ... emotion. The service is called Cloud Talk, and it will be bringing to both Android and iPhone devices the ability to post voice posts, photos, videos, and if you must, text messages. The difference is, that instead of having people "follow" or "friend" you, users can invite others to join in the conversation. Then, they can either provide a voice, text, video reply in the thread.

Google Acquires Pushlife, will be pushing music to Android

Google has talked more than a few times about music on Android. We all know that the music player isn't one of Androids strong points, but all the Pros heavily outweight the music player. I use it daily and enjoy it. Today Google just took another step in the right direction. They have acquired a media company called Pushlife, site only saying that Google bought them now. The rest of the site is offline.

German company ExB offers cloud storage for Android tablets

With a move underway to move everything to the "cloud," German company ExB is porting it's popular cloud based storage solution "petitpetit" (PTPT) to the Android Platform. Most tablets have limited storage, and often, the information users have isn't organized in a method they can access and process intuitively. petitpetit acts as a kind of personal "Wiki" organizing contacts, photos and videos, and even various documents in a manner than can accessed, cross-referenced, and even collated according the need of the moment. Android developers can also take advantage of the Wiki based application by embedding the user interface into their apps framework as well.

Motorola Mobility Invests into Catch Media

Want to watch movies, listen to music, & download digital content all right from your Android device anywhere you go. Hopefully soon you can with Motorola. Motorola Mobility, through its strategic investment arm Motorola Mobility Ventures, today announced a strategic investment in Catch Media Inc., the award-winning provider of a patented licensed digital rights locker platform called: Play Anywhere®.

Google announces cloud based video editor for Android Tablets

Today at their Mobile World Congress keynote address, Google's outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt announced the creation of Google Movie Studio, a cloud based movie editor which will allow users to harnass the power of the cloud to edit video, stills, music and effects and then upload it to YouTube with a near instant push of a button. Last year, when Apple announced an iMovie app for iOS 4 devices, the room gave a collective "ooh and aah" of the potential for shooting and editing video on a mobile device. But to do it all in the cloud is brilliant.

Android/Google Cloud Print Pushed by Google Official, Only for Windows Users at First

Waaay back in April 2010, Google announced that support for printing from any app on any device, OS, or browser without the need to install any software. Everyone said - that's totally crazy, but now they're back with some more words on the subject. Just this past month, Google Cloud Print was activated for people working with the Google Chrome Notebook pilot program, the project in which a pre-wave of Google Chrome notebooks were sent out to people willing to test them out and report back to Google for further development. TODAY Google is announcing a Beta version of Google Cloud Print for mobile documents and Gmail for mobile, rolling out now and throughout the next few days to users across the map.
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