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SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup can be yours for life [DEALS]

Cloud storage is becoming more and more prevalent these days but, unlike our local data storage, there are limits to how much you can store, depending on how much you're willing to pay for residency in the cloud. But what if you could get an unlimited amount of online storage space for the rest of your life, with just one inexpensive payment, wouldn't you grab the opportunity? Well, that is exactly what this SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup deal is offering for nothing more than $90.00.

Amazon Cloud Drive now allows new folder creation, direct editing of text files

Only a month after its official release, the Amazon Cloud Drive is getting an update. This cloud app by Amazon is now packed with several new features so users can do more on this cloud storage program. As with any other similar cloud drive storage users, Amazon's very own Cloud Drive app offers easy access to any files, videos, photos, songs, and documents one might need at the moment right on a mobile device.

CloudPlayer offers Chromecast support, offline playback, and audio presets

The future of cloud is bright. Physical hard drives are no longer needed as long as you have quick access to any cloud storage. There are free services available but some may require you minimal fee. No matter how you access the cloud, you can't deny the fact that it's very convenient. You can just download any cloud app from the Google Play Store but only a few can work as an easy and reliable music player for all your audio files.

Official Amazon Cloud Drive app launched, read-only and no editing allowed

Finally, Amazon has launched a dedicated app for its Amazon Cloud Drive program. We don't know why it took the company a while to release this one but we're grateful that it's already here. Regular Amazon Cloud Drive users can now access their files right on their Android phones. This is just like any other of its cloud storage competitors as it provides easy access to documents, photos, videos, songs, and other important files with a few taps on the small mobile screen.

Dropbox adds File Request feature, gather photos and docs on cloud

Cloud storage is here to stay. Together with music streaming, saving files online on your cloud folders will become the standard. I know some people who no longer save their important files on their local drives but just go to the cloud for storage and future access. Dropbox is one of the more widely used these days that even bigger corporations depend on it. While uploading files to Dropbox is easy and convenient, sharing them to other people can be a challenge. Or if you're the one trying to get a file, it can be more difficult because you need to search through numerous email attachments, messages, or folders available.

CloudPlayer puts you in control of your music

The name CloudPlayer can be a little confusing because there are apps already named as such. For one, there's Amazon's Cloud Player and several other cloud players available. CloudPlayer is yet another music player that lets you control your favorite music. It's linked to your other cloud accounts so whether your audio files are stored on your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, you can play your fave tunes anytime, anywhere.

Unclouded is your cloud storage manager, brings MEGA support

We can just imagine how your cloud storage accounts look like, we know it’s kind of a mess to keep up with because ours is exactly in the same boat. A productivity app called “Unclouded” claims to be able to bring some semblance of order into all of this, managing your cloud storage accounts and giving you features that are supposed to make your life easier.

Free up space on your device with Google Photos

If you've been online the past few days, then you've probably seen various people, blogs, and news sites raving about Google's newest baby, Google Photos. With its offering of unlimited cloud storage space, easy user interface, and other various features that makes it both easy and fun to use, it's no wonder that users are loving it. Another new (or newly discovered) feature will make it even more useful for the digital native, particularly for those who need extra space in their devices.

RealPlayer makers launch new photo cloud back-up app called RealTime

Their video player may not have been the most popular or the most well-reviewed, but RealNetworks has been around far longer than some tech start-ups, and that's saying something in this industry. They have been creating and trying out products in the market, some to a bit of success, and some otherwise. Their latest venture, called RealTime is into the photo backup market and combines it with the automatic video generator that is popular among the photo and video collecting crowd.

Google to launch a new web photo sharing service

Google may still have Picasa as its own photo editing and sharing tool but the tech giant is believed to be launching a new picture sharing and storage service. This one is believed to be separated from and not integrated with Google+ unlike Picasa but will also allow users to post and share to Twitter and Facebook. All we have are hearsays and rumors for now but there is a high probability that we'll hear about this at next week's Google I/O Conference in San Francisco.
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