Five apps that make Chromecast more than a media streaming device

When we think of Chromecast, we think of streaming media. Netflix, HBO GO, and YouTube dominate the conversation. While those are some of the more attractive apps for Chromecast, they’re not all the dongle has to offer. There some really neat things you can do with the Chromecast outside of watching movies, and we’re going to give you a head start!

Dayframe 2.3 update brings Chromecast functionality for all

Dayframe originally added Chromecast support with the v2.1 update. That bit sounded good, however the Chromecast support was only available for those who went forward with the $2.99 Dayframe Prime in-app purchase. Well, as of today things have changed and not only is Chromecast support available for all Dayframe users -- but that in-app purchase is currently selling at a discounted price.

MyCastScreen for Chromecast pushes timely info to your TV

Chromecast is great, and will only get better, but there are thing’s we’d love to change. For instance, the home screen is nice, but doesn’t hold our interest for long. The pictures are nice, but really only serve as a visual distraction between “castings”. MyCastScreen wants to change that, and bring you timely information while the Chromecast is idle.

Cast Store is the easiest way to find apps for your Chromecast

With the Chromecast SDK being released last month, a wealth of Chromecast apps will likely be to our devices in short order. Though many find thier way to Chromecast apps by simply searching the Play Store for “Chromecast Apps”, one Developer had the bright idea to create a standalone app store for Chromecast apps. The Cast Store app could be the best way to find Chromecast apps if the Play Store isn’t giving you the results you want.