YouTube update: permanent cast button, maybe audio-only download soon

A new update that will soon arrive on your YouTube app (but is already available through APK) brings a few minor changes to the way it looks on your mobile devices, including icon changes and the appearance of a button that is both useful (for those who have Chromecast or Android TV) and useless (obviously for those who don't). But what's even more exciting is that there is a possibility that a much requested feature may come to us soon.

Chromecast now available in Malaysia for your video streaming needs

Today is a good day to be living in Malaysia and one of the reasons why is that Google announced that their video streaming dongle Chromecast is now officially available in their country. This means that users will now be available to stream their favorite videos from their Android devices (and also devices from other platforms) ontolarger screens through this "magical" device that has been available in a number of regions for some time now. It's great news that it's finally expanding their Asian market, with Malaysia becoming the first Southeast Asian country to have Chromecast availability.

Yahoo Screen now with Chromecast support but limited only

If you're a fan of the cult favorite but dismally rated comedy show Community, then you were gratified to know that despite NBC's cancellation last year, Yahoo was kind enough to pick it up and renew it for a 6th season. And if you're watching it on your mobile device courtesy of the app Yahoo Screen, then now you will be able to appreciate it even more when you cast it on to a larger screen through Chromecast.

Plex for Android gets updated big time, version 4.0.1 now out

Plex has been one of the more solid media manager-slash-media streaming apps you could use for controlling your Chromecast stick or other such streaming devices. Plex offers a lot of features that most free apps just will not be able to match. So it’s good news that the Android app is finally getting a long-deserved update. This one will bump your Plex app version to 4.0.1, or somewhere thereabouts.

Google announces Chromecast promo offers

Chromecast isn't going anywhere. The mini digital media player dongle is less than two-years old but it has proven itself successful in the industry getting so many copycats and followers. The HDMI dongle remains supreme especially in the United States where Google is always announcing great deals and promos. In fact, there are new available promotional offers recently announced by the company for Chromecast. If you've been planing to get one for some time, now is the best time to shop because of the additional offers for the device.

Motion Tennis Cast lets you be a tennis pro (virtually)

If you're a frustrated tennis player or even just a casual one, the mobile tennis games you've been playing haven't really hit the mark. But a new game available for Android devices just might do the trick because it allows you to actually do the motions you would normally do in real tennis play and it will even tell you if your motions have helped you lose a little weight.

Chromecast, TV remote control can now function together

Getting a Chromecast was perhaps the best geeky decision I made recently. I wasn't an early adopter but I still find it useful especially whenever I need a "babysitter". What I didn't like though was the fact that you couldn't use your TV's remote control with it. Sure, using your smartphone or tablet as control is pretty cool but sometimes you just want your trusty old remote control to function as it should. Good thing Google updated the streaming stick to allow pause and resume playback Chromecast videos with any TV remote control.

Leak: VLC update will (finally) have Chromecast support

It's been a long-time coming (well, 7 months, but in tech world that's forever) but it looks like your favorite jack-of-all-trades video player will finally be able to support Google's streaming dongle. If the changelog in the Git repo is to be believed, the next update to VLC will finally feature support for Chromecast, something that a lot of people are excited about, even though this was something "promised" (well, sort of) June of last year.
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