Chromecast adds support for HBO NOW, travel apps, and some classic games

In the US, summer means a few weeks to lounge around and do a lot of couch potato-ing for some people. Well, mainly for those who have nothing to do, don't have jobs, or maybe those who are already rich and have all the time and resources in the world. Whoever you are or whatever you do, if you're a TV junkie, you'd be happy to know that Google keeps on improving its Chromecast even if it's already two-years old.

Firefox OS-based Matchstick out of Kickstarter soon, project being cancelled

Believe it or not, not all crowdfunded projects turn out to be successful. A few have already failed (so unfortunately), leaving not only the developers but also the backers heartbroken. It's not really so much about the money or profit loss but not being able to achieve success especially after we believe in a project's potential. But business is business and because of several reasons, the group behind Matchstick has decided to no longer push through with the project and refund all the money pledges given by the backers.

Some apps gained more users after adding Chromecast support

Google is proud to say that Chromecast is a success. The company's first Google Cast device has been used more than 1.5 billion times already since it was first introduced back in July 2013. This product is almost two years old but it's still making a lot of people happy--me included. The idea of casting is not originally Google's but we can say the Internet giant paved the way for its commercialization.

Google launches Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast, now sold out

Don't get your hopes up as there's no new Chromecast yet. Google knows its current digital media player is still doing great in the market. It's almost two years old and yet support for the service is only expanding rapidly the past few months. The only disadvantage we see is that it only works over WiFi. Not that it's big problem but there is the reality of getting a poor WiFi connection at times. To solve this, Google has introduced a new adapter with built-in Ethernet port.

OneDrive now allows you to cast content through Chromecast

The past few months has seen Microsoft create and update a lot of its apps for other platforms, adding a lot of features and capabilities that would make people use it even more than their own, native apps. The latest update they're giving us concerns their cloud storage app OneDrive. It now comes with Chromecast support, meaning users can cast their videos and images onto a larger screen, so you can view and show them off to other people.

Google Slides updated, view notes and lists of Chromecasts

Google has made another update to the Slides app. It's one offshoot of the Chromecast idea that has brought casting more mainstream and more useful. The Chromecast isn't just a single dongle that lets you stream images and videos to a TV display. It's now being used when giving important presentations at work or in school. Mirroring is one easy way to "cast" but a dedicated app like the Slides will make the job easier and more convenient.

Chromecast to add queuing, autoplay, multi-screen options

While Google's Chromecast has turned our TVs and mobile devices into interlocking home entertainment systems, there are still some features that have been on a lot of users' wishlist. Well some of them may have just come true as Google announced at the I/O conference new features for the casting device that developers can integrate into their apps and products. Users of the Chromecast as well as the Nexus Player and NVIDIA Shield and those who love binge watching shows and playing multiplayer games will benefit from these new features.

HBO Now will finally be available on Android devices soon

If you've wanted to do away with your cable subscription but couldn't do so because you still want your Game of Thrones fix (legally of course) fret no more because HBO Now will finally be available for Android devices, not just for Chromecast but also for mobile devices. This means you don't have to suffer from HBO envy from the Apple TV and Apple device users as you'll also be able to enjoy their original series and selected movies on your Android.

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