ASUS Chromebox availability confirmed for March

ASUS has offered an official unveil for the Chromebox. Or more specifically, as there will be three models available, the Chromebox lineup. This Chrome OS box will be available beginning in March and with a starting price point of $179. The specs will be similar across the lineup, with the main difference being in the processor.

Google Now desktop notifications arriving with latest Chrome beta

About a week earlier we saw mention of Google Now arriving with the latest Chrome Canary update. Due to that release, as well as the previous leaks, it was just a matter of time before things progressed and Google Now began arriving for more desktop users. Well, it seems there has been a bit of progress made and Google Now has begun arriving for desktop users running the latest Chrome beta.

Google provided dev tool will bring Chrome apps to Android

This isn't the first time we have heard talk of Chrome apps coming to mobile devices, however this latest mention does bring the release of a tool that will allow developers to begin moving forward. Google has launched an early preview of a developer toolset that is based on Apache Cordova. In simple terms, this toolset will allow developers to wrap Chrome apps so they can be sold for Android by way of the Play Store.

Google moves away from Adobe’s CSS Regions to focus on speed

Google has decided to move away from an Adobe standard in an effort to keep a goal alive. The change was done for a variety of reasons, but keeps Google moving forward with Chrome in one key direction. For utility across devices, it makes sense. Unfortunately, it also brings further disparity to web design, something Adobe was trying to solve.

Google Now arrives on desktop with latest Chrome Canary build

This is far from the first time there has been talk of getting Google Now on your desktop system, however this is something that is possible as of today. The Google Now support is available for those using Chrome on either Mac or Windows. Or more specifically, the Canary build of Chrome, which basically means this is an early release and likely one that is not quite ready for primetime use.

Chrome for Android updated, brings two awesome tweaks from Beta version

Yesterday, we told you about a meeting amongst the web platform team at Google. The scope of that meeting was to make Chrome quicker, use less data, and just be all around better. Chrome Beta has had some interesting features for quite some time, which help meet those goals. Today, Google rolls out a few important features to the stable channel of Chrome, and they make using Chrome on Android much, much better.

HP Chromebook 11 LTE now arriving with select retailers

Earlier this morning we learned how the HP Chromebook 11 LTE connectivity would be coming by way of a chip from Altair Semiconductor. While HP has yet to offer any sort of press release style announcement, it seems the pricing has been revealed by way of a retail product listing. The listing comes courtesy of Best Buy, who have the LTE-equipped Chromebook available and priced at $379.
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