Google begins work on Chrome browser for Android

We know that Android's native browser app and Google's Chrome desktop browser have been slated to merge for some time now, and it appears that some concrete efforts are being made in that direction. A version of Chrome that runs on Android is in the extreme early stages of development at Google, with the updated user interface already completed. With Android's tablet push in full swing, a more capable native browser app could be a major boon for the platform.

Android Web Browser Goes Open Source, Chrome Incoming?

Google's Andrei Popescu this week sent out a letter regarding Android's current stock web browser, a system built on WebKit, saying that first of all they at Google apologize for the confusion the thus-far incomplete Android port that exists today in WebKit TOT has caused. Upstreaming the Android port of WebKit has for a while been a goal of the folks working on the project at Google, and what they've got to report today is that they will be removing the existing incomplete Android port and replacing this with an effort that includes a build bot compiling Chromium's DRT for Android using the Android NDK, SDK, and toolchain.

Google I/O Day 2 Keynote : In Line and Nearly In

We're in line again, this time toting a few more devices (though we're none the heavier thanks to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 weighing approximately nothing at all,) and we're attempting to get pumped up for the second day's big keynote. What should we be expecting today? More than likely a whole 'lotta Chrome, but you never know, might be some Android tidbits in this event as well. Stay tuned to Android Community and our sister site SlashGear for all the coverage your eyeballs can handle.

Waiting in Line at Google I/O for the First Keynote [UPDATE: We're in!]

Today at 11AM Central time is the first Google keynote speech, and we're currently waiting in line for the bigtime door opening. There's about ten billion people standing in line here, but I assure you, we'll have the big news first! That is to say, we'll be the first to be analyzing while everyone else is running around screaming because Ice Cream Sandwich is the greatest thing since they created the original tasty treat. Stay tuned and get your fists ready for some heavy pumping and your eyeballs ready for some heavy reading of some bomb dropping!

Android Community covering Google I/O

The time is almost here for Google I/O. Beginning tomorrow, the annual Google confab will run through Wednesday and Android Community will be there to cover it. LIVE! You can expect up to the minute coverage of everything coming out of the conference. Look for fast links from our Facebook Page, and via Twitter, along with more in depth coverage here on AC. Here's a quick look of what to expect ....

Google I/O sells out in less than an hour

Tickets for the Google I/O sold out today in 59 minutes - more than 1200 times faster than 2010.  The annual two day developers confab, held at Moscone Center in San Francisco, focuses on sessions on building of web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google technologies such as Android, Chrome, and others.

GMail Creator Predicts Android Will Eventually Kill Chrome OS

We know that Android, at least in its current form, isn't the best bet for Netbook or Notebook PCs. Google knows this as well, which is why they started development on Google Chrome OS, a web-based browser operating system. However, former Google employee and GMail creator, Paul Buchheit, has predicted that Android will eventually kill or merge with Android.

Google Chrome Event Announced, Invites Sent to Publishers [UPDATED]

Hooray! Invites have been sent out to publishers for an even that'll be taking place on December 7th at around 10AM centered around Google Chrome! What'll it be, what'll it be?! This event will take place at Dogpatch studios over in San Francisco, the event lasting 3 hours, with a DEMO session near the end! You know what that means? Something totally and completely sweet.

Chrome OS Launching before years end

We all love Android, we have it on on phones, tablets, TV’s and even printers, but we all must admit that the lovable OS isn’t optimized for screens larger than a mobile phone without some serious modifications. Enter Google’s Chrome OS, a web browser based approach at an operating system. We have heard about it, seen it in action and now it looks like it will be hitting netbooks before years end.

Android and Google Chrome OS “may merge closer” in future

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the company's Android mobile platform and their newly-announced Google Chrome OS have "a great deal of commonality."  In fact, according to the executive, the two OSes "may merge even closer" in the future. Speaking at a press conference this week, ostensibly to discuss the new netbook platform but which covered various points of Google's business, Schmidt and company founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page discussed the open-nature of the new platform.  While in their initial blog post about Chrome OS they indicated that it and Android would remain separate, and that "choice will drive innovation for the benefit of everyone, including Google", there now seems to be signs that the two will shift from parallel to integrated projects. The trio also discussed the nature of open-source software and how they do not envisage Chrome OS as a direct competitor to Windows.  In fact, Schmidt said, "Microsoft is welcome to put Internet Explorer on our operating system," but that "it's highly unlikely they would do it.  They would have to port it and the port is not trivial ... the ball is in their court."  Referring to Google's well-known "do no evil" pledge, he highlighted the fact that because Chrome is open-source "even if we had an evil moment [to block out Microsoft], we would be unsuccessful." The first netbooks running Google Chrome OS are expected in the second half of 2010.
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