Chrome for Android

Chrome Beta for Android update adds Chromecast support

Chrome Beta saw an update yesterday, which is usually not a big deal. Bug fixes and other minor tweaks are normal, but this one added something special. This time, one enterprising sleuth found a neat little addition. It seems we’ll have the ability to stream to our Chromecast right from our mobile browser!

Chrome for Android updated, brings two awesome tweaks from Beta version

Yesterday, we told you about a meeting amongst the web platform team at Google. The scope of that meeting was to make Chrome quicker, use less data, and just be all around better. Chrome Beta has had some interesting features for quite some time, which help meet those goals. Today, Google rolls out a few important features to the stable channel of Chrome, and they make using Chrome on Android much, much better.

Google wants Chrome for Android to be faster, more useful to Developers

Over on the Blink Google Groups page, Engineer Eric Seidel lays out some details from a recent meeting of the web platform team. In his post, he outlines some goals for Chrome in 2014. We learn that Google wants a faster, more responsive platform for Android. They also want to take advantage of devices with less powerful specs, which reminds us of the promise KitKat has yet to deliver on.
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