• Qualcomm to help market Chinese smartphones globally

    Because of the changes in the relationship of Samsung and Qualcomm, the latter is determined to make it bigger in the industry by helping to market other smartphones especially those made in China. As you all know, Samsung has

    April 27, 2015 • Views: 792

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 spotted at TENAA

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab A was quietly launched in Russia last month and soon, another 9.7-inch version was announced in Germany which will be available this coming May. The German Galaxy Tab A will be out in two variants: WiFi and

    April 20, 2015 • Views: 1498

  • HTC One M9+ pairs a 2K display with a MediaTek chip

    HTC has indeed finally revealed the One M9+, the symbol, not the word, and so far all of the leaks and tips have been pretty much spot on, leaving nothing to the imagination. Perhaps except for one rather surprising item. The One

    April 8, 2015 • Views: 1284

  • Motorola out to stake claim in China’s mobile market with Moto X

    China continues to be a market that all OEMs aim to conquer, being the most populous nation in the world and a rising middle class that is eager to spend on gadgets and mobile devices. Motorola, which was purchased by Chinese OEM

    February 4, 2015 • Views: 792

  • Meizu unveils Meilan m1, new m1 Note variant, LifeKit platform

    Meizu made quite a splash yesterday when it unveiled not one but three new products. Well, two and a half to be precise, as one is just a different variant. That variant is the new Meilan m1 Note for China Telecom, this time

    January 28, 2015 • Views: 1222

  • Motorola comes back to China

    We already know that Motorola has officially returned to China. The company brings new smartphones and wearable choices to the emerging market. All these are happening because Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola has been finally

    January 27, 2015 • Views: 825

  • Xiaomi Mi Note puts high-end flagships on notice

    Xiaomi is starting 2015 with a bang. Trying once again to disrupt the smartphone market, the Chinese OEM has unveiled the Mi Note and its even higher end Mi Note Pro sibling, sporting a combination some of the best hardware and

    January 15, 2015 • Views: 1500

  • Motorola returns to China with new Moto handsets

    Lenovo‘s acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google is finally complete. This means Lenovo can now do almost anything with the company including announce and release the latest Moto smartphones in any market. The parent

    January 6, 2015 • Views: 666

  • Meizu M1 Note makes a colorful statement for youngsters

    Want a rather colorful smartphone that doesn’t skimp on features but won’t break your wallet like an iPhone 5c would? If so, and if you’re in China, then Meizu has got you covered. Its new M1 Note, though

    December 23, 2014 • Views: 2469

  • Chinese OEM Xiaomi might make US market debut in 2015

    US residents may very well be getting a taste of the Chinese OEM Xiaomi’s brand of smartphones as it looks like they might be entering the market by 2015. Sources say they will be appearing at the Consumer Electronic Show

    December 5, 2014 • Views: 1899