Meizu announces MX Quad-core with Samsung Exynos chipset

Meizu, the often-ridiculed but lately impressive Chinese manufacturer, has pulled the covers off its latest flagship. The Meizu MX Quad-core is an updated version of last year's MX with, you guessed it, a quad-core processor. But the interesting thing isn't that it's coming out - there's plenty of quad-core phones and tablets around - but which company's providing the power. According to Meizu's press release, the phone will be using a Samsung Exynos A9 processor. Could this be the very same quad-core chip that a Samsung executive hinted would show up in the Galaxy S III? We should find out soon enough.

Report: up to 3 million Android tablets made every month in China

Android may still lag behind iOS in the mindshare of consumers when it comes to the tablet space, but according to a report from DigiTimes, its sheer numbers are increasing by a dramatic amount. The supplier news source says that up to three million "white-box" Android tablets are being manufactured every month, up 300% from the same figure last year. Most of these devices are being sold directly with in China, or being shipped off to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America. At least some are being sold cheaply elsewhere.

HTC announces a trio of Desire phones for China

Don't call them Ones: HTC has just announces three brand new and hitherto unknown phones for the Chinese market.. The three devices broadly follow the HTC One series in styling and featureset, but are technically members of the Desire family. The HTC Desire VT T328t, VC T328d, and V T328w (catchy, huh?) all have similar specs and features, but will be launched seperately on China's three largest cellular providers. Refreshingly, all three will run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4.0 at launch.

Hyundai A7 Android 4.0 ICS tablet for $110 looks surprisingly decent

We've seen more then our share of cheap knockoff Android tablets but this one has fairly decent hardware. Most likely this is similar to those knockoffs and actually doesn't have any affiliation with Hyundai the car company. What you do get though for a quick $110 is a 7" 480 x 800 resolution Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. The screen is capacitive touch and has 5-point multitouch. Read on for more details.

HTC One X and One V shipping April 2nd in China

The extremely impressive HTC One series smartphones are about to make their assault on the mobile markets. With the US, UK, China and more all expecting them to be available in April just like HTC announced back at Mobile World Congress during the unveiling of the One X. Today we've learned the One X quad-core phone and the mid-range One V will start shipping on April 2nd to those in China.

HTC Wind dual-SIM ICS phone heads to China

An unannounced smartphone from HTC is starting to make the rounds in the Chinese markets being called the HTC Wind. The device doesn't rock the new "One" naming scheme from HTC but does feature most of the top specs HTC outlined a device must meet to be titled a "One" device. What makes it special is it also has dual-SIM slots, something that is increasingly popular in China.

Motorola phone appears in China – could be the DROID Blade

What we have here is a new Motorola phone that for now is a complete mystery. We've seen multiple Motorola phones head to Chinese markets only so chances are this could be a China exclusive. From what we are gathering this could be the rumored Motorola DROID Fighter from previous reports, although Fighter leaks had a more RAZR styling, or a new phone possible called the DROID Blade.

Motorola RAZR MAXX variant shows up in China

At present there's a lot of RAZRs going around - Motorola's got the original DROID RAZR on Verizon, the international Motorola RAZR, the DROID RAZR MAXX with its extended battery, a couple of local Chinese versions and a mystery phone that's probably coming as the DROID Fighter. Add one more to the pile: The RAZR MAXX XT910 is an international GSM version of the DROID RAZR MAXX, currently on sale in China. Aside from a new radio and some branding, the RAZR MAXX XT910 is identical to its American cousin.

Chinese “Android” store sells iPhones too

Hardly a week goes by without the tech world spotting a humorous fake piece of electronic detritus coming out of China's seedier factories, and these days it's usually running Android. (Hooray for open source!) But at least one Chinese retailer has decided to go all out and copy Android for their entire storefront. It's not necessarily "fake" in the sense that the branding is misappropriated; anyone selling Android hardware can make use of Google's Android logos and typefaces. But simply naming your store "Android", as the shop in Zhuhai, Guangdong province has done, is a no-no.

China passes United States for most Android activations

Holy cow. According to a new report from analytics firm Flurry, the number of newly activated Android users in China has surpassed that of the United States to become the world's fastest-growing body of smartphone users. The stat holds true for iOS as well, making China the #1 country for total number of smartphone users on the planet. That's hardly surprising - they've got the largest number of people after all, nearing 1.5 billion as of 2010 - but the rapid adoption rate in the country just a few years after the emergence of the current mobile market is astonishing.