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MWC 2010: Ericsson has the eStore

This is a very interesting move by Ericsson. They just announced a partnership with Opera to bring the eStore, this is a new way to buy apps other than the traditional Android Market or that other phones AppStore. This store will aim to take the way we buy apps to a different plateau.

Philips V900 official for China Mobile

It's been a long time since we heard talk of a Philips Android handset, but over in China the company have just announced the Philips V900.  Headed initially to China Mobile, the V900 has a 3.5-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen, triband GSM/EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, and runs the OPhone Chinese Android build. There's also a 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera, mini-USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack, and the whole thing measures 115 x 62.4 x 13.2 mm.  What remains to be seen is whether Philips have plans to bring the V900 - or a version of it - to US or European shores.  If they do, it'll need to throw in 3G. [via Mobiset - Thanks Timon!]

MOTO MT710 Zhiling to go on sale in China on December 28th

The MOTO MT710 is a nice and stylish looking smartphone, it is based on the most advanced version of the OPhone platform. Many people think of it as a DROID without the hardware keyboard. The MOTO MT710 has a 3.7" FWVGA screen with 480 x 854 resolution, and a 5-megapixel camera. The phone will use China's homegrown 3G standard and a China Mobile operating system, which is known as the Ophone. It will access the internet using China Mobile's TD-SCDMA (Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) network or WiFi. The MT710 will also be able to download applications via the Mobile Market from China Mobile. A China Mobile representative said that the MT710, will go on sale in China on December 28th of this year. There's no word on pricing just yet, but the device - like all Ophones - will use a version of the Google Android operating system, which is modified by China Mobile. To check the full specifications of this Motorola phone, click here.

China Mobile gets the LG GW880 Android-based smartphone

So the last time we heard from an LG android smartphone it was when the LG GW620, aka Eve made it to the Great White North. Now, the second Android smartphone from LG has been officially launched, and it is called LG GW880 Amundsen. China Mobile is the first to get this smartphone running Android from LG. But unlike the LG GW620, the GW880 doesn't have a keyboard, it comes with a nice big touchscreen of 3.5inch (800 x 480). Talking abot the screen, it seems you can fit many icons on the homescreen ala iPhone. It also has Chinese-spec TD-SCDMA 3G connectivity, along with Bluetooth, a 5-megapixel camera and GPS. There's no mention of WiFi on this phone but it comes with CMMB (China Multi Media Broadcasting) TV tuner for mobile entertainment. Price is unclear at this moment and LG has not mention about releasing this Android phone in other parts of the world.

Details Confirmed for the Dell Mini 3i, Will Arrive to China Mobile “Later this month”

If you fancy a Dell smartphone with Google's free Operating System, well, China Mobile has announced that they will have it "later this month". The unboxing of the Mini 3i did not give us all the features and specs of this Android-based smartphone. So here we go with the latest. The first thing China Mobile wants you to notice is that they will offer the mini 3i in two colors; Red Passion and Oiled Bronze. And of course that is arriving later this month, although I wonder how late, if we are at the end already by just a few days. Well, I guess that's what they meant; in just a few days. The price for the Dell Mini 3i is still not confirmed, though. But next are a few pointers of this Android phone: * Form Factor: Tablet/PDA * Dimensions: 58.35 x 122 x 11.7 * Display: 3.5” nHD, 640x360 * Bands/Modes: Quadband GSM/EDGE * Weight: <105g (grams) * Bluetooth * GPS * Micro SD (up to 32GB) * Connector: Mini USB And below is the press release:
November 23, 2009 01:01 AM Eastern Time China Mobile Becomes First to Sell Dell Mini 3i Smart Phones * The Mini 3i, in Red Passion and Oiled Bronze colors, will begin arriving across China later this month * China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator, serves more than 500 million subscribers BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--China Mobile will soon become the first mobile operator to sell the Mini 3i, a sleek and slim new multi-touch smart phone from Dell designed to leverage the power, flexibility and applications of China Mobile's new OPhone and Mobile Market platforms. Available in Red Passion and Oiled Bronze colors, the Mini 3i will begin arriving through China Mobile’s nation-wide channels (its authorized stores) by the end of this month and Dell direct to follow. The Mini 3i runs China Mobile’s flexible OPhone open source platform, and includes the latest in popular entertainment including pre-loaded 139Mail e-mail, Fetion chat and digital maps for navigation. A large 3.5-inch widescreen creates a big-screen experience, making photos and videos bigger and more intense. The Mini 3i is also compatible with a range of consumer applications, e-mail platforms, and office productivity software. “People today want to carry their lives with them – they want to discover, capture and share new content as they roam around the world,” said Michael Yang, vice president and general manager for Greater China Consumer of Dell. “We believe Dell’s year-long development collaboration with China Mobile will amplify those experiences better than anyone else in the industry.” “This signals an important milestone in the long term partnership between China Mobile and Dell,” said a China Mobile spokesperson. “We are excited for Dell to be among the first manufacturers to introduce new technology based on the OPhone platform. We look forward to working with Dell as it brings innovative new products and services to add value to our customers’ lives.” The Mini 3i is the result of a year-long collaboration with China Mobile and further illustrates Dell’s ongoing investment in smarter and more mobile products. China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile service provider with more than 500 million subscribers, teamed with Dell earlier this year to develop a new product for the rapidly growing base of mobile broadband users in China, embedding 3G technology in the Dell Mini 10 netbook. With the recent launch of the OPhone platform, industry analysts are estimating that the current base of 180 million mobile broadband users in China will continue to grow at a rapid pace. The Mini 3i is specifically engineered to give those customers a smart phone that delivers fast, easy and fun access to the internet, e-mail, chat, music and video. Popular Mini 3i Features: * Entertainment: Access to China Mobile’s Mobile Market suite of services, games, productivity tools, wallpapers, ringtones and applications. Discover China’s popular Internet sites including, Kaixin and Renren. * Customization: Personalize MP3 ring tones, icons and shortcuts. Run widgets on the home screen: sports, stocks, news and weather tickers. * Navigation: GPS navigation. * Search: Search contacts, appointments and e-mail from the home screen. * Camera: 3 megapixel camera with zoom, auto-focus, flash, video capture and photo-editing capabilities. A 3.5 inch, widescreen (16:9), 640 x 360 display that’s ideal for viewing photos and videos. * Popular Messaging: Support for the wide range of messaging platforms and services, including e-mail, IM, MMS and SMS. Dell Mini 3i OPhone Specifications: * Form Factor: Tablet/PDA * Dimensions: 58.35 x 122 x 11.7 * Display: 3.5” nHD, 640x360 * Bands/Modes: Quadband GSM/EDGE * Weight: <105g (grams) * Bluetooth * GPS * Micro SD (up to 32GB) * Connector: Mini USB About Dell People worldwide can buy Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) online, by phone and through more than 43,000 stores. About China Mobile Officially established on April 20, 2000, China Mobile Communications Corporation (“China Mobile” for short) has a registered capital of RMB 51.8 billion and assets of over RMB 700 billion. China Mobile has been playing a leading role in the development of the mobile communications industry in China and holds an important position in the international arena as well. Listed among the Top Fortune 500 companies for 8 consecutive years, China Mobile’s latest ranking is No.148; China Mobile was also a partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Lenovo OPhone Android smartphone for China Mobile

An image of Lenovo's work-in-progress Android smartphone for China Mobile, currently named OPhone, which will use the open-source OS together with support for China's high-speed TD SCDMA network.  Little is known about the device, aside from what can be gleaned from this image; that means a large touchscreen interface with touch-sensitive controls and what's likely a single hardware 'Home' button.

This Lenovo handset will not be the only OPhone, however.  The project is China Mobile's attempt to marry the open-source OS with the Chinese government's favored 3G standard, and refers to the OMS (Open Mobile System) they have developed.
"Given these (iPhone, Android, Symbian) developments, it is becoming very clear that developing a proprietary handset operating system is essential for dominance of the mobile Internet market in China. At the moment, China Mobile is in a comparatively weak position without its own operating system. With its own operating system, China Mobile will be able to commission customized phones from handset makers and keep its hand strong in negotiations over profit sharing. There is even the possibility that China Mobile may move into manufacturing handsets itself" Source familiar with situation
Unfortunately the nature of TD SCDMA means that the Lenovo handset, in its Chinese form at least, will not be available outside of the country.  However we can hope that Lenovo will consider developing a US/Euro version of the smartphone. [gallery]

China Mobile working with Lenovo on Android

China Mobile has set plans in motion for the release on an Android-powered handset sometime between February and March 2009. Unlike the first Android phone, China Mobile has decided not to go with Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC.

China Mobile has turned to Lenovo to help deliver the first Android-powered handset to China. Looking at the Lenovo site is a bit of a disappointment for many with the phone that they currently offer, this Android will almost certainly be anything but special. The site lacks the “flashy eye candy” of other major mobile phone manufactures such as Motorola, Nokia and HTC. We can’t help but question the motive behind the decision to use this company over all the other available companies. We certainly expected the first China Mobile phone to run Android to come from a company that is a member of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Do you think that this phone will fail given the reputation of both China Mobile and Lenovo? Photo courtesy of Android Community member heyitsnan. [Via Shanghaiist]
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