ViewSonic ViewPad 10i tablet runs both Android and Windows

With tablets that provide both Android and Windows operating systems slowly starting to crop up, it was only a matter of time before cheaper alternative also appear. ViewSonic, who is probably either popular or notorious for such affordable devices, has just launched what is actually its second dual-booting tablet, this time powered by an Intel Celeron N2910.

Vodafone gets thrifty with the £50 Smart Mini

Ahh, the UK. Home of quiet cottages, friendly people, lovely tea, and super good deals on smartphones. Now it seems, they have a new one to whisper about, and it comes in the form of the £50 Smart Mini, from Vodafone, set to be released later today. It's as cheap and budget friendly as they come, and surely nothing impressive, but lets take a look.

ZTE Director launches on US Cellular for those on a budget

Today the folks from ZTE and US Cellular announced the latest smartphone that will be headed to the regional carrier soon. It's called the ZTE Director and this little entry-level budget smartphone is aimed for those on a budget or looking for their first smartphone. It's just 1 cent with a new contract, or $99 to buy outright and we have all the details.

$35 Indian “Aakash” tablet may come to Philadelphia schools

There's been a lot of excitement ion the last few months over India's state-sponsored Android tablet, the Aakash (AKA "Ubislate") manufactured by Canadian OEM DataWind. Its incredibly low (and subsidized) price of between $35 and $50 US dollars has given it millions of users in the crowded country, particularly among the students and teachers that qualify for the discount. Now the Financial Express reports that the tablet, or something very similar, may be getting trial runs in the Philadelphia public school system.

Hyundai A7 Android 4.0 ICS tablet for $110 looks surprisingly decent

We've seen more then our share of cheap knockoff Android tablets but this one has fairly decent hardware. Most likely this is similar to those knockoffs and actually doesn't have any affiliation with Hyundai the car company. What you do get though for a quick $110 is a 7" 480 x 800 resolution Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. The screen is capacitive touch and has 5-point multitouch. Read on for more details.

InfoSonic reveals US made budget smartphone, the Verykool s700

Budget smartphones are nothing new, especially when they come out of places such as China and other markets by the truckloads. Today however, we have news regarding a US Made smartphones coming from a company based in San Diego, California. Infosonic, a technology manufacturer, has just announced the Verykool s700 smartphone.

Viewsonic ViewPad 10e tablet priced at $399 — Runs Gingerbread

We first mentioned the new ViewPad 10e back in October but since then it hasn't really seen any attention. This follow up to the original ViewPad 10 is geared for the entry level crowd -- hence the e in the title but the price doesn't look to budget friendly. Viewsonic isn't one of the major players in Android and with this new tablet, that wont be changing. The ViewPad 10e had recently been spotted on Amazon for an outrageous asking price of $399.

“$100 ICS Tablet” Novo7 is available for pre-order… for $120

More than a few people got excited at the prospect of a $100 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet when a no-name manufacturer sprang out of China marketing the Novo7... and immediately became less excited at a $60 shipping fee that seemed more than a little fishy. Now the same low-powered tablet is sitting pretty with a pre-order status on import sites PandaWill and Merimobiles, both of which seem legitimate enough as far as Internet storefronts go. The latter is claiming an $80 discount off of the "retail" price of $200.

Android 4.0 for $100: NOVO7 is the cheapest Ice Cream Sandwich tablet around

Android's open source nature lends itself to a staggering variety of form factors and price points, but if Chinese manufacturer MIPS Technologies is to be believed, it's breaking into the low-end in a huge way today. The company is promoting its brand new NOVO7 device as "the first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet", and has priced it at a staggering $99 USD. The specs aren't amazing and the hardware won't turn heads, but if you've got to have ICS right now (and can't bring yourself to try out a custom ROM) this would seem to be the cheapest way to do so.
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