Google+ Hangouts app goes live, we go hands-on

Google+ Hangouts were announced earlier this morning during the keynote. At that time Google had said this would be arriving today and true to that statement, the app has since come available in the Google Play Store. The app has arrived as Hangouts and it will replace the Talk app already installed on your device. As we saw earlier, Hangouts is a cross-platform messaging app and allows for text and video chatting.

Google+ Hangouts go cross-platform with group video

Google has confirmed some of the earlier rumors. These rumors were dealing with the unified messaging service that was first tipped as Babel. Coming later in that rumor cycle, we had heard Babel was going to be launching as Hangouts. Well, Hangouts have been officially unveiled and as part of the announcement, Google played off the bit about how their own services have been "fragmented and confused at times."

BlackBerry Messenger for Android will be arriving this summer

At present those looking to use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) would need to be using a BlackBerry device. Moving forward though, that support will be expanding to include other platforms. We have heard plenty of rumors suggesting that BBM was coming to Android in the past, however as of today we have the official confirmation coming by way of BlackBerry. In fact, it was said that BBM will be coming to Android sometime this summer.

Google Hangouts could launch at Google I/O as rebranded version of Babel

Google Babel has been discussed quite a few times over the recent weeks. Babel is said to be a unified messaging service and details have turned up in everything from leaked screenshots to Gmail source code. Of course, there had also been a leaked memo which offered details such as how Babel would bring features to include synced notifications. As of today, another Babel related leak has surfaced and it is now looking like the service has been rebranded ahead of a Google I/O announcement.

Paranoid Android HALO builds released for multiple devices

Last week there was a custom ROM getting plenty of attention for their Facebook Chat Head type feature. Paranoid Android decided to take Chat Heads and turn it into a unified notification system for Android, and put it on steroids. You might love it, or hate it, but this is what makes Android great. Read on for more details about Paranoid Android's HALO feature.

Custom ROM aims to bring Facebook Chat Heads to all

Last month the folks from Facebook had a pretty busy few weeks releasing Facebook Home, the HTC First phone, and of course their new Messenger application with tons of new features. The only thing we really liked from Facebook's new arsenal was their unified messenger system called Chat Heads. Little bobble heads on the edges of the display for seamless communication. Soon we'll be getting that, without Facebook.

Google Drive update touches on group collaboration and offline access

Google has rolled out the latest update for Drive and while we tend to keep focus on the mobile side, this is an update that touches on the desktop side. Needless to say, we can hope that some of these Drive changes make their way over to mobile. That being said, this Google Drive update has made it quicker to see information about others that happen to be working on a particular file.

Google Babel details found hidden in Gmail source code

We have seen more than few Google Babel related leaks as of late, which seems to imply that an announcement may be coming sooner rather than later. But instead of speculating as to when an announcement may arrive, lets first focus on this latest leak. This round of details appear to have been hidden in some Gmail source code.

HipChat version 2.0 brings native redesign and more

A new update is currently rolling out for the HipChat Android application. HipChat is a group chat tool and the new update brings the application to version 2.0. The developers of the app say that the new update was the result of beta testing that has been ongoing over the last several months.
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