Monster new products: slimmest earbuds and floatable speakers

During CES 2015, personal audio device company Monster unveiled a whole slew of new products that caters to audiophiles with certain requirements for their headsets or speakers. The iSport Headphone family welcomes new "members" to its family including the world's slimmest wireless earbuds. Another new product is a portable speaker that you can take with you even when you're in the water.

BOSS phone promises super security, privacy

There are hundreds probably thousands of smartphone models available all over the world today. It's so hard to choose now especially since smartphones are growing as everyone's primary device. Compared to tablet growth and laptop sales, smartphones are more in demand than ever. The challenge is for manufacturers to make their phones stand out in a market that is so well-saturated now.

Audi smartwatch hands-on: Android Wear, WebOS in play

Audi showed off a lot of smart automotive plans at CES 2015, but the subset of Audi fans and Android users were probably more enchanted by the car maker's smartwatch venture. Unfortunately, there has been some confusion on whether the company is planning to bank on Android Wear as initially presumed or on LG's webOS smartwatch venture, which was rumored a few months back. The slightly good news is that Audi is actually banking on both, and hinted that the Apple Watch might be joining too. But the rest of the story isn't as simple as that.

Kingston brings Ultra-High Speed microSD for HD videos

With sports and adventure enthusiasts, frequent travelers and tourists, and creative mobile owners taking and uploading more cinematic and high resolution videos, storage in their mobile devices as well as transferring and uploading those video files has become a valid concern. Kingston Digital has announced during CES 2015 that they are introducing an Ultra-High Spped microsSD that can be a solution to that problem.

Saygus outs V2 Super Smartphone in Las Vegas

The International CES is one of the biggest tech shows today. It has become a launching pad for hundreds of companies and manufacturers and even startups who hope to bring the next big thing in gadget town. There seems to be a surplus now of smartphones because many brands are unveiling their latest phones and phablets. For one, there's Saygus introducing the new Saygus V2 handset.

Fuhu rolls out larger nabi Tabs, own subscription service, and more at CES

Fuhu isn't a new player in the tablet arena but it's not really as popular. Even if it boasts an award-winning tablet for kids, Fuhu has yet to make big waves in the industry. Over at the International CES, Fuhu announced its new lineup that includes extra large displays and new tablets for the kids. By huge displays, we're talking about large at 32-, 43-, 55-, and 65-inches designed for special use at home--the nabi Big Tabs.

i-Blades to bring “smart” smartphone cases to the market

Our phones have already become smart, but do we need our phone cases to become smarter as well? i-Blades thinks we should and they unveiled during CES 2015 the world's first "smart" smartphone case as they believe what holds your device can actually be turned into something that will personalize it even more. Using the "blades" technology (patented and patent-pending), the case can be turned into not just a battery extender, but a storage, software, and hardware extender as well.

Alcatel intros new 4G LTE-enabled POP tablet, phones at CES

This year's CES 2015 is getting crowded than ever. One of the companies super busy showing off new goods is Alcatel. It's actually a surprise that the brand has a lot of new things to offer but that means more options for the Android lovers who are demanding for more affordable mid-range smartphones. Alcatel announced a slew of mobile devices: the ONETOUCH POP 10 and three POP 2 smartphones with 4G LTE.

An exclusive look at Audi’s LG-made smartwatch

It's no longer news that the digital divide between mobile devices and cars are slowly thinning, and 2015 might be the year when the wall truly collapses. With endeavors like Google's Android Auto as well as Apple's CarPlay, we can expect more and more vehicles this year to integrate with our smartphones. But it isn't just smartphones either, as more and more car makers are adding support for smartwatches as well. Here at CES 2015, we take a closer look with Audi's smartwatch, a product of its collaboration with LG.
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