CES 2012

Velocity Micro shows of Cruz T510 and T507 ICS tablets before CES

Velocity Micro has been working on the fringes of the Android tablet space for a while, but it looks looks like they're preparing a new line for 2012 with a bit more going for it. The company released new information on the Cruz Tablet T510 and Cruz Tablet T507, predictably 10 and 7-inch tablets. Essentially updated versions of its current tablets, the new models will be on display at CES next week.

LG Optimus 2 spotted on LG website

The extremely popular and budget friendly LG Optimus made it to almost every carrier I can think of in some way, shape or form and was hugely popular. We are now seeing pictured and details of the Optimus 2 from LG right on their official site. Who is ready for another awesome budget device to take over the low-range market?

Sony Ericsson announces “something big is coming” next week

So it looks like Sony Ericsson, soon to be Sony is gearing up for some exciting news at CES. Stating today on multiple social network sites that they have "interesting news" and that "something big is coming" sometime next week. Obviously this will most likely be their next flagship phone, but we can't say for sure.

CES 2012 App for Android available this week

The CES 2012 Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest electronics show of its kind, is only a week away. Attendance is always huge, as much of the new and upcoming 2012 product is introduced at this show. There are demos and education, keynote speeches by the most major names in the industry, and vendor booths galore. The show has become so large that there is a CES app you can download to your Android phone, newly available this week.

7-inch Asus Eee Pad tablet could be bound for CES

Asus has been one of the most prolific Android tablet makers thus far, but they've limited themselves to just the 10-inch size across three different models. Compare that to Samsung, which has 7,8.9, 10.1 and (eventually) 7.7-inch versions available. Rumors of a more portable Asus tablet have been circling for some time, but the first real evidence comes from Notebook Italia, who have what seems to be a press shot for a more travel-friendly model. Taking the tried and true 7-inch form factor, the site claims that it will be strutting its stuff at CES in Las Vegas next week. The image seems legitimate enough: it's using Asus' typical branding and the same homescreen/button/widget combination that they've showed off since the original Transformer. And speaking of Transformer, this possible model probably won't bear that moniker: a data/charging dock on the bottom (like the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab) makes an attachable keyboard very unlikely. It's tough to see in such a small image, but the OS looks like Honeycomb, not Ice Cream Sandwich. As always, temper your hopes - this is just a small image with no real evidence behind it. I could Photoshop (verb) the same thing easily enough out of some original Transformer press shots. That said, a smaller, cheaper tablet makes a lot of sense for Asus, who have generally covered all price points in the laptop market. With the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet making waves at $199 and $249, respectively, a $299 Asus tablet with the same size but better specs would certainly turn some heads. Android Community will be at CES with bells on. We'll be sure to bring you the latest news about this little beauty, if and when it appears. And we'll be keeping a close eye out for the much-anticipated Padfone as well. [via android central]

LG pairs with Intel, set to debut Android devices at CES 2012

I wouldn't really call 2011 a good year for LG although they have released a few awesome Android devices like the Nitro HD. Hearing leaks about upcoming devices is nothing new especially with CES getting closer and closer. We've heard a few reports that Samsung will be pairing with Intel's new Android-aimed Medfield mobile processor but now it appears that the other Korean manufacturer LG is too -- or maybe it was them all along.

Acer Iconia Tab A700 sends photos from Russia with love

Just yesterday Acer chief Stan Shih teased us with talk of some premium hardware for 2012, and one of the best examples is the rumored Iconia Tab A700. The flagship device has only been spotted in a couple of documents so far, but the rumored specs are enough to make us want a look at it something bad. Russian tech site NoMobile.ru beat us to the punch and managed to grab a few photos of the new tablet, which you'll definitely want to check out below.

LG may show off Google TV hardware at CES

It's been a bad day for Google TV, with Logitech essentially ending their support for the platform after a massive $100 million loss. But there's a silver lining for fans of Google's red-headed stepchild of an IPTV venture: LG may begin selling televisions with Google TV next year. Bloomberg says that the company may be planning on showing off a new model with Google TV integrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.
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