CES 2012

Toshiba 7″ tablet images appear as Toshiba preps for CES

Toshiba and their tablets aren't really what I'd call pretty or thin but at this years CES Toshiba aims to change that. The Toshiba AT200 (Excite) we've seen plenty of in the past is set to make a big splash this year, coming in as one of the thinnest Android tablets on the street. We are now seeing pictures of a new budget 7" tablet that could be roaming the CES halls.

LG’s first Google TV shows off a new interface

After months of rumors, Google formally announced a new set of partners for Google TV yesterday, with LG right at the top of the list. Now some renders/press shots for the very first model have appeared, and it's a stunner. The unspecified model will be shown off at CES next week. But what's more interesting than the TV itself is the interface displayed in the photos. That begs the question: is this a new interface for the new version of Google TV expected early this year, or a customized modification of the base software done internally by LG?

What to expect from CES 2012

The biggest tech show of the year is almost upon us. It's known as Geek Mecha, Nerdvana and (for those who get the somewhat rare experience of working through it) a bloody nuisance. CES 2012 promises to be at lease as big for Android this year as it was last year, and if you're in the market for a new device or just get a kick out of following the news, prepare to wear out your F5 key starting next week. But what shall we find when we get to Las Vegas? Here are our best guesses.

Samsung Galaxy Note hitting AT&T early 2012, Anymode spills the details

Ever since we first laid our eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Note we were impressed. Users from around the world and especially the US have been importing the 5.3" AMOLED HD packing smartphone for their own personal use. Accessory vender Anymode has apparently partnered with AT&T and will be their OEM for accessories on the AT&T US version Galaxy Note -- coming "early 2012" according to their CES press release.

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 coming to CES, smartphones later this year

If you haven't heard of Corning or their Gorilla Glass then let me explain. Their product is essential to almost all smartphones and tablets as of late and are on a majority of all Android devices (not the Galaxy Nexus though) and their glass protects that precious screen of yours. We all know Gorilla Glass is tough but things are about to get even tougher with Gorilla Glass 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 kernel source released ahead of device

This seems a bit odd. It appears that Samsung has now released the kernel source code for their highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with the first Super AMOLED Plus HD display. First announced and debuted back at IFA in September we haven't seen or heard anything about this impressive slate from Samsung since, especially in the US. Does this mean we could be seeing it launched and officially announced at CES 2012 next week?

Snapdragon GamesCommand launches at CES

Got a Snapdragon processor and a penchant for mobile gaming? Then you'll want to check the Android Market on January 10th, just as the Consumer Electronics Show gets in to full swing at Las Vegas. The Qualcomm-backed GamesCommand store will feature games specifically designed and enhanced for the company's Snapdragon family of SoC's. Over 100 games will be launched on the service initially.

HTC quad-core Tegra 3 devices coming soon after CES

With dual-core smartphones being all the rage right now we can't help but glance ahead at what to expect in the months following CES. Obviously much of the attention has already managed to turn from dual to quad-core smartphones and tablets -- especially in the Android world. While the ASUS Transformer Prime is currently the only NVIDIA Tegra 3 device on the market, it wont be for long. We are now hearing rumors suggesting HTC will be quick on the draw to release some quad-core devices of their own.

Myriad partners with Broadcom for Alien Vue Android apps on TVs

We first heard about Alien Vue, the latest project from Myriad, a few weeks ago. Unlike the alien Dalvik software which allows rudimentary virtualized Android apps on various other platforms, Alien Vue takes them to a place that could actually use an expanding app environment: televisions. Now Broadcom has partnered with the software engineering company to bring Android apps to the masses. The chip maker will be distributing hardware that will allow future TVs to run apps designed for Android code.

Sony Ericsson teases HD cameraphone for CES

CES doesn't start for almost a week, but you wouldn't know that from a casual glance at the tech news today. Not content with whetting our appetites with real-life hardware at the show, Sony Ericsson released the teaser image below just to get our nerdy hands twitching. You can bet your bonnet we'll be seeing whatever this thing is in Las Vegas.
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