CES 2011

T-Mobile to detail 42Mbps HSPA, announce compatible phones at CES

The main talk of the wireless industry is definitely 4G. With all companies trying to either get a head start or now catch up to the upcoming 4G wars next year, CES will be a huge showcase for 4G across all networks. T-Mobile is fully ready for the upcoming battle and they plan on releasing quite the array of Android powered 4G handsets and tablets.

HTC Incredible HD AKA HTC Mecha Pictured?

A leaked shot of the bezel of an upcoming HTC device, along with another of the back camera with dual-LED flash, has just been tipped to SlashGear. It has been suggested that this is indeed the HTC Incredible HD (HTC Mecha) which means that it will be an upcoming Android-based 4G LTE device.

Motorola Posts “Tablet Evolution” Teaser Video

We all know that we are going to see a very impressive Motorola tablet in the first half of 2011, we have even seen the device demonstrated by Google's Andy Rubin. However, that is not stopping Motorola from teasing at it's upcoming announcement with a new video posted to their YouTube channel.

NEC dual-screen Android tablet & Android netbook incoming

NEC will launch a dual-touchscreen version of their LifeTouch/Smartia tablet at CES 2011 next month, though full details of the presumably clamshell device are currently unknown. According to PC World, the tablet - which will also carry the LifeTouch brand - has a pair of 7-inch touchscreens which can show different information simultaneously. There's also confirmed WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity, but the version of Android NEC expects to use is unclear. The company will also be showing an Android-based netbook. Note, the image here is just a mockup. [via SlashGear]
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