AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega spotted at Facebook event

It should come as no surprise that we're expecting not just an announcement of the new Facebook app for Android and Facebook Home, but also a smartphone. It will be gracing the hands of users at the Facebook Home press event this afternoon. With a few leaks already in the bag many assumed it would be AT&T, but we can now confirm AT&T's own CEO Ralph de la Vega is in the building.

Nokia CEO hints at tablets in their future, Android isn’t ruled out

There has been a lot of talk and hope regarding Nokia coming over to the dark side we all know and love as Android. Or is it the good side? Sadly they went the Windows Phone route and so far have absolutely no plans on jumping ship and building an Android smartphones. While we've seen little leaks suggesting the possibility, a recent interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has up hoping again.

Larry Page: Fixing the Nexus supply is a ‘priority to our teams’

As I'm sure many of you are aware, Google's currently in the middle of their Q4 2012 earnings report. Earlier today we mentioned their entire Q4 details resulting in more than $14.4 billion in revenue, but now we're hearing little details from Google's own Larry Page. We'll be listening to the entire call but he briefly mentioned the Nexus supply issue and we thought you'd like to hear.

Larry Page talks about Motorola’s future in new interview

None other than Google's Larry Page recently had a nice conversation and interview with the folks at Wired, and we heard some neat comments. Talks about Google+, social media, Android of course, and lots about Motorola. Last year Google purchased Motorola Mobility largely for their patent portfolio, but in the interview Larry gently talks about the acquisition, and what is in store for Motorola's future.

HTC hires new CMO in hopes to stop their downward spiral

It's no secret that lately times have been a little tough for good ol HTC. Their market share has seen large declines over the past few years, especially throughout 2012 while fending off Apple in court and Samsung on the shelves. Today however there is a sign of good news as HTC has just taken a big step and hired a new CMO. They've appointed Benjamin Ho as their new Chief Marketing Officer.
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