Veyl ePillow is the perfect gift this Holiday season for tablet users

This awesome tablet accessory and stand is called the ePillow by Veyl Products and at first glance you might be thinking it's pretty wild. Although being able to take a comfortable pillow on the airplane that also doubles as the most ergonomic tablet stand at the same time is pretty ingenious -- even though the idea seems simple. The ePillow comes in tons of different colors and we have all the details and a short video below.

PowerSkin for HTC Sensation 4G and ThunderBolt Review [Video]

For those of you wishing to get a whole heck of a lot of battery life out of their smartphones, your time has arrived. If there's one system that's working right now that, besides is obvious added bulk, will make your smartphone into a easy day's worth of workhorse at least, that being PowerSkin rubberized case and smartphone battery charger attachment. What PowerSkin offers you is a bit of protection and one whole heck of a lot of additional battery power in the form of a constant charger. You plug the microUSB in the slot, slip the smartphone in the skin/case, and you're on your way. You're able to go about your day as per normal then, charging the charger and the device up with a new port that you'll see coming out the side of the charger, and a powering you shall go!

PowerSkin case lands for Nexus S 4G smartphone

There are a few things in life that you can never have enough of. One is money to buy all the cool gadgets you want and another thing you can never have enough of is power for your smartphone. If you have a Samsung Nexus S 4G Android smartphone and you want to get more runtime for the device PowerSkin has a new case for you to check out.

[Deal] Newegg Offering Free Case with ASUS Transformer Purchase

I know everyday is a good day to buy a new Android Honeycomb tablet but if you've been waiting for a deal or just haven't got around to it yet Newegg is tossing in a free case for the Transformer. We just gave away a ASUS EeePad Transformer Monday to the winner of our Tabletpalooza Giveaway and if you didn't win sorry, better luck this week. This week we have the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the giveaway so you'd better check it out.

HTC EVO 3D design prevents kickstand, but we have you covered

If you are like us and saw the unveiling and showcase of the amazing looking HTC EVO 3D this week you are probably as excited as us about this device. A beast by any measure coming to Sprint soon. The link above mentions all the specs so I'll spare all of that other than mentioning that it will probably sell as many or more than it's younger brother. This story we bring you news about the kickstand everyone loved on the EVO 4G. Sadly it will not be present on the 3D.

OtterBox unveils Defender case for Atrix 4G smartphone

The Motorola Atrix is one of the coolest Android devices that has launched in a long time. One of the cooler features is that the phone can be docked to a device that makes it into a netbook. If you have an Atrix 4G and you want to keep the smartphone looking good and damage free you need to find a decent case.
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