Nexus 5 support detailed by prepaid carrier Ting

Those looking to grab a Nexus 5 with a prepaid carrier can now look towards Ting. Ting is an MVNO style carrier known for their low-priced plans. In this case you pick what you need for minutes, messages and data individually with options for each ranging from XS to XXL. As for the Nexus 5 though, for now that would need to be purchased direct from the Google Play Store.

Verizon CFO admits LTE network experiencing strain in big cities

In what seems to be a rare admission of weakness, Verizon's Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo confesses that its 4G LTE network is experiencing no small amount of usage pushing it beyond its capacity. This could cause LTE networks to go down to 3G in big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, where data usage is exceptionally higher.

AT&T moves away from voice-centric subscriptions

More and more phone users rely on the Internet to keep connected with others and network carriers need to adapt to this growing trend in order to remain relevant and competitive. That is why AT&T is slowly moving away from plans that revolve around voice calls and text messages towards more data-centric offerings.

AT&T to fold Aio into Leap Wireless if buyout pushes through

If all goes according to AT&T's plan, new subscribers to its newly launched Aio Wireless prepaid service might see themselves shuttled off to a new company. According to an FCC filing, the carrier plans on merging its prepaid subsidiary with Leap Wireless' business if the acquisition of the latter proves to be successful.

Verizon Wireless same-day delivery pilot program launches

Verizon Wireless has unveiled a same-day delivery service. This new service is launching in pilot mode and for just one market -- Philadelphia. That being said, it does appear as if Verizon already has plans to expand the reach to other big cities. For now though, Big Red has offered some details on how the program works and what it will cost.

T-Mobile will soon begin sunsetting grandfathered plans

Those holding a grandfathered unlimited plan with T-Mobile will soon be in for a change. It looks like those plans will be going away beginning next month. T-Mobile has yet to confirm exactly when these switches would take place, or how long it would take them to transition all users, however a letter shared on Howard Forums points towards this happening in November.

AT&T streamlining plans, will be all Mobile Share later this month

AT&T has announced some upcoming changes to the plans that will be offered to new customers. The carrier has said they are looking to do a bit of streamlining. Or in other words, they are going to begin pushing new customers towards a Mobile Share plan as opposed to a traditional voice plan. These shared plans were originally announced last year and are currently available in a wide range of data options.