Carrier IQ

HTC removing Carrier IQ from CDMA phones starting in January

After the public relations disaster that was the Carrier IQ scandal, HTC and its carrier partners can't get the software off of their phones fast enough. In the case of phones on The Now Network, customers don't have to wait much longer: the next update should remove the controversial software, according to The Verge. HTC is removing Carrier IQ from all its affected phones, starting with its CDMA models - Verizon customers can breathe a sigh of relief, since they don't use the service.

Google vulnerability reward program could really tighten up security for Android

I've known about Chrome's vulnerability reward program for quite some time, but never considered moving the design over to Android. Reddit user CunningLogic suggests it would give developers a monetary reward for their handwork while making Android more secure in the long run. Sounds good to me. Just like development within Chrome, the developers hard at work within Android have been extremely good at pointing out OS security flaws; with a form of payment, devs will get that extra incentive/motivation to tighten up loose ends and help make Android OS better.

Schmidt says Google could do nothing to stop Carrier IQ

According to Google's Eric Schmidt, there is nothing the search giant could have done to stop Carrier IQ because of the open nature of the Android operating system. Schmidt condemned Carrier IQ at the Google hosted conference on internet freedom held in the Hague reports the Telegraph. According to Schmidt when a platform is open people can make software that is bad for the users.

Android Community Weekly: December 4, 2011

This week in tech news we've had our share of reviews, unboxings, and even some much needed software updates. We had heard Monday the ASUS Transformer Prime would be launching December 8th from a Newegg pre-order page. Needless to say, we got the official word from ASUS confirming that same date Wednesday which turned out false. The Prime will arrive stateside on December 19th. The device is simply amazing, and we've got an excellent hands-on to prove it. Though our official review isn't out yet - you can check out the one over at our sister-site SlashGear. Yet another video taken compares the Transformer Prime to the Apple iPad 2 - a great matchup indeed.

Carrier IQ, Samsung and HTC get hit with class-action lawsuits

The moment the full extent of Carrier IQ's possible privacy violations came to light, I swear I could hear a dozen attorneys packing their briefcases and lacing up their running shoes. The fastest represent Erin Janek, who's suing HTC and Carrier IQ for violating the Federal Wiretap Act in St. Louis. Paid Content reports that a second lawsuit is being filed against Samsung and Carrier IQ in Chicago.

Android app for detecting Carrier IQ launches

If you are one of the Android using masses that worries Carrier IQ is tracking what you do on your smartphone you will want this new app. The app has launched and is called Voodoo Carrier IQ Detector. The app does exactly what the name implies and will run and figure out if your smartphone has the Carrier IQ software running on it.

Senator begins Carrier IQ investigation, demands answers by December 14th

Most of us have some pressing questions for Carrier IQ concerning the massive potential privacy violations inherent in their reporting software. But most of us don't have the authority of Congress riding behind them. Al Franken (D, Minnesota) does, and what's more he's the chairman of the Senate subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and Law. So when he sends a letter to Carrier IQ outlining 11 different questions that need answering by December 14th, you know the situation just got bumped up a few levels.

Verizon and Rogers don’t use Carrier IQ, Vodafone and O2 “don’t collect info”

The media storm over Carrier IQ's implicit privacy and security violations continues. Yesterday we contacted Verizon Wireless about the intrusive logging software, and a representative told Android Community that the company does not use Carrier IQ software in any of its products. Canadian carrier Rogers joins them today, also stating that Carrier IQ is not present on any of its devices. A company spokesperson confirmed on Twitter that none of the phones or tablets in their lineup use the software.

Carrier IQ busted on video: records keystrokes, web traffic

Carrier IQ's support software has been monitored closely by Android security watchdogs for the last few weeks. After an embarrassing public relations snafu, the company stated that their software does not record personal information, despite the findings of an independent security analyst. But The Register reports that same analyst has now shown the Carrier IQ software logging keystrokes in real time, and transmitting them over an unsecure wireless connection. Carrier IQ is, in a word, busted.