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Mercedes-Benz eyeing Google Glass for a seamless GPS experience

It feels almost like ages ago when GPS was something a regular person wouldn't be able to use. But the meteoric rise of smartphones and tablets have put this technology that was once limited only to vehicles into everyone's hands. Now, German luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is aiming to integrate this now popular feature to create a better GPS experience both inside and outside a vehicle using Google Glass.

Hyundai NFC concept car replaces our keys with smartphones

This week the ever so popular car manufacturer Hyundai is showing off a brand new type of NFC capability. Something surely we've all thought about before. Wouldn't it be nice to unlock and start our cars all with our smartphone? Leave those bulky keys and keyless entry add-ons at home. This new smart car uses NFC tags to do just that.

Nexus 7 becomes in-dash entertainment system [Video]

What you are about to see is quite possibly the most amazing in-dash entertainment system I've ever seen. Double din stereos for cars or trucks are nice, but none have the amazing finishing touches of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The popular online electronics reseller Sonic Electronix has just posted an epic video of one of their installers making a custom Nexus 7 stereo system. What's even better is the tablet can leave the vehicle too.

Clarion shows off 6.5-inch Android powered car stereo

Android's greatest asset (besides a few billion dollars in Google development and promotion) is its flexibility. We've seen it power everything from video glasses to robots - and on that scale, a car stereo is relatively mundane. Even so, Clarion's Mirage is an impressive piece of vehicular tech, and will certainly catch your eye if you happen to fall at the intersection of car stereo and Android enthusiast. In addition to basic music and sound management, the Mirage feature audio-in and Bluetooth connections for playing music on your phone or tablet.