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Android Could be the Next Operating System of the Chevy Volt

As cars get smarter, there's no surprise that the Operating Systems powering them are going to get a lot more mainstream. No more just worrying about computer chips. No, as we get navigation units, and as OnStar gets smarter, we have to start looking at the things that power our every day items. Like our phones. And, as we can clearly see from the mobile phone market, Android is one of the strongest competitors to date. Apparently General Motors feels the same way, because reports are coming in that they're about to strike a deal with Google that would put Android in the Chevy Volt of the future.

Roewe 350 car is powered by Android (sort of)

A car running Android? Before you get any ideas about something you can remotely control from your Nexus One, James Bond style, the new Roewe 350 doesn't use Android for anything so dramatic as engine management. Instead, the Chinese car relegates the OS to its integrated DVD/GPS system. That's still notable as perhaps the first time we've seen Android used in a factory-fit ICE system. In the Roewe 350's case, Android 2.1 is used for navigation, media playback, internet access and even real-time IM conversations, which seem like a recipe for crash-disaster. The 350 was based on a concept Roewe showed last year, and has now gone into production for the Chinese market. It's expected to be priced from 70,000rmb to 130,000rmb ($10,000 to $20,000). [Thanks Ash!]
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