Ubuntu Touch stable builds coming by the end of May

Ubuntu Touch on Android has been a slow but steady mystery. Canonical currently offers plenty of pre-release beta or even alpha builds of their software for Android devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and others. However, today Canonical's own Rick Spencer promises to have stable "daily-driver" builds of Ubuntu Touch for smartphones by the end of the month.

Canonical unveils Ubuntu for tablets

Canonical began teasing a tablet yesterday. The teaser arrived in the form of a countdown timer with the words "tick, tock, tablet time." And well, that timer has since finished and it looks like Canonical has introduced Ubuntu for tablets. There is nothing to download just yet, however they have said that a developer preview would be available beginning on February 21.

Ubuntu teasing something tablet related

We are already expecting Canonical to release the Developer Preview of Ubuntu for smartphones on February 21. But it is now looking like that will not be the only announcement they plan to make this week. A new countdown timer has appeared on the Ubuntu site and it is set to expire tomorrow morning. Coincidentally, the Ubuntu countdown timer is set to expire at the same time as the HTC timer.

Canonical introduces Ubuntu for smartphones

While this isn't the first time we've seen Android and Ubuntu play nice together, this does mark a new era for the platform. Today software maker Canonical announced Ubuntu for phones, which aims to make superphones also be a full PC. They've already crammed Android and Ubuntu together for dock webtop like features, but this is their full-fledged OS.
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