VSCO Cam confirmed for Android

VSCO Cam is an app that is currently getting a bit of attention from iOS users, and well, it looks like the app is also heading to Android. The folks at VSCO Cam have confirmed they have begun working on an Android release. In fact, VSCO Cam for Android is currently being tested in a private beta.

Samsung Galaxy NX camera UK pricing detailed

Samsung announced the Galaxy NX camera back at an event in June, but since then the chatter seems to have gone quite. As of today however, it looks like we are getting a look at the UK pricing for the camera. But first, those who missed that original news may want to know the Galaxy NX is an Android powered camera that ships with an interchangeable lens setup.

Sony tipped to release “clip-on” 20MP camera lens for Android

Smartphones with impressive cameras are the hot thing lately. Samsung's released a Galaxy Camera, and even a Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone with a 16 megapixel huge lens mounted on back. And don't get us started with Nokia's Lumia and that 41 megapixel shooter. Today we're hearing another will be entering this space, but with a completely different approach. That being clip-on accessory lens options for the photographer in you.

Sony Honami press renders leak, confirm 20 megapixel camera

The folks from Sony have been pushing hard in 2013 with some pretty top-tier smartphones. The Xperia Z has been quite popular, and the new Z Ultra certainly is a good looking device. However, latest reports of a Z successor coming later this year have been confirmed with some recently leaked press images of the rumored Sony i1 "Honami" flagship smartphone.

Moto X camera speed teased by Motorola

Motorola has continued teasing the Moto X smartphone this weekend. The latest is coming by way of the official Motorola Mobility Twitter account and it seems to be talking about the speed of the camera. Motorola didn't say much and certainly didn't reveal any specifics, but they did drop this tweet along with the image you see sitting below.

Google highlights Android photography apps on the Play Store

With all the talk going on today about the 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone, Google is looking to get the word out and teach Android users how to snap better photos on their smartphones. Today the Google Play Store has an entire section dedicated to Android Photography, and you'll want to check it out even if it's just to improve your Instagram and Facebook artwork.