Sunrise now integrates Wunderlist into its calendar app

For productivity fans and junkies (yes, that is now a real condition), the latest news from Sunrise should bring a smile to your face and cross off an item on your wishlist. The popular calendar app has announced that they are now integrating another popular to-do list app onto their growing family of tools and apps. You can now add Wunderlist to your list of integrated apps, This is just the latest in a series of updates that Sunrise has been releasing in recent weeks.

Sunrise now includes TV shows in its “interesting calendars” section

If you watch a lot of TV, it sometimes becomes a little problematic to keep track of all of them (unless you're the kind of person who writes everything on your datebook). You've probably wished there was an app that could add your shows automatically to your calendar, without having to input them manually. Well if you're a Sunrise user (and you probably should be one), then that problem is solved as they have now have the option to add TV shows to your calendar.

Timeful management app acquired by Google

Timeful app still hasn't found its way to Android but it can be expected soon since Google has recently purchased the auto scheduler app. Both companies announced that they are joining forces to make things easier for everyone. Timeful is joining Google and will start working on to bring the unique features of Timeful to some of the most useful Google apps today.

Sunrise adds Basecamp, Meetup in latest Android update

Because of the glut of useful (and sometimes not so useful) apps nowadays, we normally would use different ones to organize our lives, increase productivity, and even just to socialize with online and offline friends. So when these apps come together, it's a good thing for both the brands and the users. Sunrise, one of the more popular productivity apps in the market, has now added two apps to be integrated into their calendar: Basecamp and Meetup in their latest update.

Blend Calendar adds more details in the mix for latest update

Have you ever wished for a calendar that could show not just all your events, but all the different aspects of your life that could be calendared, like birthdays, bill payments, reminders, tasks, vacations, etc? Well if you didn't know it yet, this app actually exists. Blend Calendar is probably the most intensive scheduling app out there and the latest update brings even more details into your smartphone.

It’s official: Microsoft buys Sunrise calendar

You may have heard whispers this week that Microsoft is out to get popular calendaring app and service Sunrise. Well, those are rumors no more as the two have just announced the acquisition. The purchase of Sunrise is just one of the latest moves that Microsoft seems to be making to redefine and redesign its productivity products, which may also speak of the once slow-moving giant's new drive to make itself and its products more relevant in a computing age that is moving away from traditional desktop thinking.

TimeTable++ Schedule helps students manage study life

While your calendar started filling up when your work started taking over your life, can you remember that a few years back, your life may have been a little more complicated, at least schedule-wise? Yes, when you were still a student, whether high school or college, balancing your life was not that easy, with classes, homeworks, projects and a social life. Fortunately for students, there are now apps to help them take hold of their academic life (wherein we just used to do it on pen and paper).
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