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Verizon 4G LTE spectrum purchase approved by the FCC

It's no secret that Verizon Wireless and their 4G LTE network is the biggest and best around. Covering nearly 75% of the US population already, and available in over 375 markets across the US. They've continued to expand and grow their network and today the FCC just issued an approval for them to snatch up even more LTE spectrum. This deal is also good news for T-Mobile.

Time Warner Cable: ICS Android app will get video streaming soon

In a trend that's frustratingly common among TV service providers, Time Warner Cable published an Android app - minus the TV streaming aspect that iOS versions of the app enjoy. TWC has been  talking up a functional upgrade for Android users for some time, but they finally came out with a semi-solid plan for adding streaming to the app, with a targeted release before Memorial Day (May 28th). There's a catch, though: you'll only be able to stream video if your device runs Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google may tests out cable TV service in Kansas City

Google's no stranger to disruptive technology, but so far, Google TV has failed to make a dent in the set-top box market. Google may be aiming to change that with a new approach: don't replace the cable box, replace the cable company. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the search giant is investigating the possibility of bringing cable TV services to customers of its upcoming fiber service in Kansas City, Missouri, bringing both super-fast Internet and Google-branded TV to its lucky residents.