Google in talks to buy WhatsApp Messenger for $1 billion

The week is already off to a good start with rumors surfacing that Google could be in talks to acquire the extremely popular WhatsApp Messenger service. One of the worst kept secrets lately has been Google's plan for a unified, cross-platform messenger service called "Babel" and this is just one more piece to the puzzle if it turns out true.

Google’s Motorola acquisition suffers investigation setbacks in China

During the month of February the Google Motorola deal was looking quite promising. The European Union and the US both signed off on the acquisition and gave Google the green light. The only hurdle remains in China and it appears they are having a bit of trouble. Now we are hearing China is continuing another investigation before giving them the okay.

Google to replace Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha with one of their own

News reports are just hitting the wires that Google will be replacing the CEO of Motorola Mobility once the merger is completed. Big news as many wonder how and if things will change once Google takes charge of one of the biggest hardware manufacturers and patent holders in the mobile market. According to Bloomberg they'll be replacing the CEO with one of their own. Who is ready for that fully opened and unlocked Motorola DROID Nexus coming this September with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?

Google Motorola deal also gets approval from US Department of Justice

We knew this news was coming today, and I'm sure most of you did also. Shortly after hearing the EU approved the Google Motorola buyout this morning, we now have confirmation that the US Department of Justice has too. Giving their seal of approval for the buyout of Motorola Mobility and all their patents to Google.

Google’s Motorola buyout approved by EU, will be vigilant

The acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google has been given the green light and thumbs up from the European Union today. This unconditional regulatory approval will allow Google to purchase the device maker and patent holding company for a grand total of $12.5 billion USD. We knew the day was today, February 13th and now the official OK has just been approved.
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