LG G2 rear buttons star in new short feature video

Lately we've been seeing quad-core processors and 1080p displays take the top spot for features worth highlighting on smartphones, but LG has a different plan. They decided the grass was greener on the other side, and have moved the volume and power button to the rear of their recently announced LG G2 smartphone. And now today we have quite the dramatic short feature film starring exactly that.

ICS mod gives Galaxy Nexus true full screen, disables virtual nav buttons

Android's virtual navigation buttons, introduced in Honeycomb and expanded in Ice Cream Sandwich, have been something of a polarizing subject. While plenty of users appreciate the flexibility and aesthetic options they provide, others miss the physical feedback of real buttons, or would rather use the full size of the massive displays on current high-end phones. If you're a Galaxy Nexus owner who falls into the latter camp, you're in luck: XDA member "mrx8836350" (catchy!) has developed a method for banishing the navigation buttons altogether.

Google tells devs how to kick the Android menu button to the curb in ICS

Ice Cream Sandwich removes the ubiquitous Android Menu bottom from its comfy place below the screen and casts it adrift on the sea of interface, where it floats around the screen like Tom Hanks and a volleyball. This change has given grief to a lot of developers (not to mention users): Is the Menu section hiding out in the navigation bar? Slumming it up top near search buttons and titles? Fret not, devs: the latest post to the Android Developer Blog gives some guidance on exactly how to handle the new system.