HTC drops out of US tablet market – for now

News today has confirmed that HTC will be throwing up the white flag and dropping out of the tablet market -- at least here in the US. The fierce competition from Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and ASUS has made the tablet market a tight one here in the US, and today HTC has decided to pull out and aim their efforts elsewhere.

Sony Mobile to layoff 1,000 employees over next two years

Dark days are ahead for some folks working at Sony Mobile, as today the Japanese company announced plans to layoff a total of 1,000 workers. Sony Mobile, as many of you will remember, was once the struggling Sony Ericsson, until Sony bought the company out earlier this year $1.3 billion. It sounds like Sony is having a difficult time getting the mobile division back on its feet, as it will have let 1,000 employees go by the time March 2014 rolls around.

Econz Wireless unveils new Timecard GPS app for businesses

It's hard for people that work in fields where workers are not in an office to control when the worker actually starts and stops works. Some employees take advantage of that system and steal time from their employers by starting late and leaving early. A company called Econz Wireless has a new app for Android phones that will stop time theft and help employers cut down on expenses called Timecard GPS.

Intuit offers QuickBooks Mobile for Android

If you are the type that needs to be able to access your financial data for your business anywhere you are Intuit has a new app for Android smartphones that you might like. Intuit's QuickBooks mobile app is aimed at the small business owner that needs to be able to handle financial details on the go. Using the app gives the business power many different things they can do.

Cisco Cius Android Tablet Aims for Enterprise Crowd

Cisco is prepping to release what looks to be their first Android tablet and it will be called the Cisco Cius. With the tablet market already getting pretty crowded with the Transformer, Xoom, Galaxy Tab and more on the way they have decided to take a different approach. They will be aiming for the Enterprise crowd with the Cius and will have apps specifically tailored for just that.

Panasonic Announces its Toughbook, Professional Grade Android Tablet

Panasonic has released many laptops and notebooks in the past bearing the "Toughbook" name but this will be a first for the company. They are going after an area of the market that has yet to be filled, this will not be a thin and pretty tablet but it will be rugged and tough that is for sure. They are calling it a "Enterprise and Business Ready" tablet geared for professional and business users that need to take their tablet out in the wild and with them everywhere in the field.

Nokia Partners with Android Too, So Says Eldar Murtazin

If you're unfamiliar with who Eldar Murtazin is, first and foremost, he is the editor-in-chief Analyst and manager of, and a very well read and followed fellow. What he's got to say is in regards to this mornings news about Nokia teaming up with Microsoft for a Windows Phone 7 handshake heard around the world. As this was occuring, Murtazin was hearing from his inside sources that not only had Nokia made a deal with Microsoft, they'd cut a deal with Google as well at essentially the same time.

Waves of Impact and No Lines for Verizon’s iPhone

If you'll take a quick look at the video below, you'll see my local Apple store, the one that's about 15 miles away from the place where I'm sitting right now, filmed by intrepid Apple phone lover's friend or relative ojezap. This Apple store is located in the Mall of America, aka one of the largest malls in the entire world, right here in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. What you'll notice is that there's two people walking into the store and a relatively giant hoard of Apple workers inside the store cheering for them. What's going on here?

T-Mobile to Consider Sale of Non-Core Assets, Partnerships with Other Carriers

A bigger company like T-Mobile isn't the sort of place you expect to have a rummage sale, is it? CEO Philipp Humm speaks on the matter, saying that in addition to considering the sale of some non-core assets in order to raise money to pay for future investments, they plan on also focusing on "churn rate" as a primary concern in the next few years. Churn rate is the rate at which customers move in and out of mobile providers like they were making butter out of milk... or is it milk out of butter?

Android Destroys Apple Logo in Short 3D Animation

This is one of those things that's not especially important to the evolution of Android's mobile OS or it's actual sales war with iOS, but heck, a 3D Android getting put together by other robots then turning around to destroy an Apple logo - that's just entertaining. Currently this guy by the YouTube name of saintmichaelsarmoury is attempting to see if he can turn this into a useable boot animation, but he's a self-proclaimed n00b.
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